GLYX at the Johannesstübli – health in a modern way of pleasure

Have you already heard about the “GLYX – principle”?

It is no “traditional diet” – it is a healthy way of life, which tastes good and makes happy – the yo-yo effect can be avoided. The inventor’s name is Marion Grillparzer and she is one of the most popular authors of Germany.

The GLYX principle is health nutrition at the highest level, where a weight gain is very unlikely. Grillparzer wrote already more than 50 books and schools our staff and us personally.

Gesunde KücheOur guests enjoy on a whim at our popular Johannesstübli. The restaurant is lovingly arranged, the wood panelling gives a special atmosphere. Perfect, to get pampered by the delicious GLYX – meals.

GLYX DiätThe concept at Hotel Goldener Berg

The GLYX – diet is pure zest for life – feminine, intuitive and inspired. We are proud, to welcome the inventor as a friend as well as a speaker regularly at the Goldener Berg. She works with and for people with an extensive knowledge, happiness and pleasure.

The program is written for a lifetime – there is no yo-yo effect; it is the sum of 25 years nutritional knowledge, some simply rules, healthy recipes, a portion motivation and a very easy traffic light system. Individual preferences are included – to say it in a nutshell: a concept, which fits into each life.

Gesund Essen

GLYX – definition

GLYX is the abbreviation for the glycaemic index, which says, how much insulin gets produced from eating different food. GLYX is a number between 1 and 100 – if she is low, the food produces little insulin and keeps slim. If the number is high (like bear for example), it makes fat. There is a GLYX table to orient.

The most important thing is: To enjoy life and eating. When we feel what is good for us, we are ready to change our life. Furthermore there are a few tips and tricks how to work with stress and negative feelings and some exercises which can be insert the everyday life very easily.

Urlaub in den Bergen

Did we spark your interest? Start with us into a new way of well-being and health!

Daniela Pfefferkorn

Über Daniela Pfefferkorn

Daniela Pfefferkorn ist Inhaberin des Hotels Goldener Berg in Oberlech am Arlberg. Sie berichtet im Blog aus dem Leben eines Hotelinhabers vom Arlberg und gibt Ihnen Tipps & Tricks zu Ihrem perfekten Urlaubsaufenthalt in Oberlech.

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