Holistic Health with Dr. med. Töth

Dr. med. Ewald Töth is considered to be one of Austrias pioneers in the field of holistic medicine. With the help of his „Light Quanta“ products we deacidify and detoxify your body at Hotel Goldener Berg’s Alpin Spa.

The most important thing for the holistic medicine is to have an constructive effect on the body, but also on the soul – to help finding the perfect balance. Because only if the body is in best harmony with the soul, a happy and fulfilled life can be guaranteed.


His Basenmineralmischung (base mix) is full of photons, which give our cells the essential energy and establish a basis for holistic health. Through the energy of the sun, all life- and environmental processes get stimulated.

Similar to the photosynthesis our cells can receive, save and build important chemical connections through the energy of the photons. In this way, the healing process of the body can be speed up.


Nearly all people suffer from over-acidification, thanks to our food products which don’t contain enough minerals and bases. Our body is unable to correct this over-acidification on it’s own. The high concentration of bases in Dr. Töth’s products supports the body’s natural ability to regulate it. Deacidification and detoxification are the results.

Hotel Goldener Berg ist the only hotel worldwide that works together with Dr. Töth and is qualified to sell his products. Even our therapists are personally trained by him.

Only product components of the highest quality are good enough for our applications. We also just work together with organically certified companies which maintain a distance of animal testing. Get one step closer to a healthier life and try one of Dr. med. Töth’s treatments!

Almstern Box

In perfect harmony with the nature

In the mountains around the Goldener Berg you find a lot of highly effective natural treasures: the extract of edelweiss, crystal clear spring water, alpine honey and Arnica Montana. The products of our beauty brand „Almstern“ are full of the alpine remedies. Let’s convince yourself from the power of the natural components.

Daniela Pfefferkorn

Über Daniela Pfefferkorn

Daniela Pfefferkorn ist Inhaberin des Hotels Goldener Berg in Oberlech am Arlberg. Sie berichtet im Blog aus dem Leben eines Hotelinhabers vom Arlberg und gibt Ihnen Tipps & Tricks zu Ihrem perfekten Urlaubsaufenthalt in Oberlech.

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