The path of Happiness <3

Nowhere are you better looked after than when you are close to yourself.

The life in the modern society often feels like a big tornado. Performance pressure – self-imposed or not – all different kinds of stress, to less time for our own needs, must work –

Our body gets out of phase and takes the mind and the soul with him. Or maybe it is the other way around and our physical little aches and pains have their origin in a mental imbalance?

We have to take some breaks.

Put an “it is enough for the moment” – an “I am enough” into everyday life.

We can of course give some good advice – which we even can’t observe by ourselves. No one can always be “in balance” or “focused on the positive” each moment of the day.

We rather create the breaks of everyday life with you.

Trust our skilful hands– to get closer to yourself again.

Our “’Path of Happiness” rest on the following concept:

Wanderszene auf Galzig bei St. Anton, Lechtaler Alpen, Tirol, Österreich.

Standing with both feet firmly on the ground.

Experience the unique nature of Oberlech and feel a wonderful strength in each cell of your body. A power place – fill up with new energy!

The freshwater and the natural products around the Goldener Berg supports that effect furthermore. Hikes in the mountains, Yoga or Qigong – find your own rhythm and follow!

The milestones:
Gentle movement units,
alpine herbal knowledge,
proven methods of deep relaxation and
awareness enhancement

Going in a new direction.

On the highest level but nevertheless quite simple – you can pursue to a health nutrition. The way to well-being runs through the kitchen – you don’t have to dispense with something if you discover and come to value the right food. You can integrate the tips easily into daily life – of course under the charge of our renowned partner – doctor.

1stan_so_209The milestones:
Conscious eating with a holistic well-being effect – supervised by experienced nutritional experts.

Defining where we are.

“Stand beside you” – “Feel rushed” – “Bear the brunt of the work”

The acid-base balance of our body gets disturbed under constant stress – and this is a breeding ground for different diseases.

The renowned holistic doctor Dr. Ewald Thöt accompanies you on the way back to balance – enjoy harmonizing wellness treatments additionally!


The milestones:
Restoring an acid-base balance both through diet and trough special body treatments according to Dr. Töth.

To walk on the Path of Happiness means to find your self again step by step. Take the most beautiful moments of your holiday as “isles of silence” into everyday life. Fill up your body with new energy – he will be very grateful!


TVB St. Anton am Arlberg/Wolfgang Burger
Sennhütte, St. Anton am Arlberg
TVB St. Anton am Arlberg/Bernd Ritschel

Daniela Pfefferkorn

Über Daniela Pfefferkorn

Daniela Pfefferkorn ist Inhaberin des Hotels Goldener Berg in Oberlech am Arlberg. Sie berichtet im Blog aus dem Leben eines Hotelinhabers vom Arlberg und gibt Ihnen Tipps & Tricks zu Ihrem perfekten Urlaubsaufenthalt in Oberlech.

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