Wonderful gift ideas for the Valentine’s Day

Find the perfect fitting present for the special person in your life!

The greatest happiness is, to find silence in someone else’s heart.
Freely interpreted (in german: Julie de Lespinasse)

Valentinstag Geschenk

We think of our partner with great love and gratefulness. He/She should be our soul mate, our best friend and the most important person.

The Valentine’s Day at the 14th of February is the ideal date for a small gift. Of course, we should take and support each other the whole year, but everyone loves small presents :)

We have some nice gift-suggestions on our blog today – browse through lovely words, pictures and common memories!

The box of Love
Pack 12 presents into a small box – small presents, lovely words and gifts for the whole year. You can add some favorite sweets, lovely pictures or the favorite lipsticks. Long-running joy!

Hotel Arlberg

The glass of Love
Buy a beautiful glass and fill it up with “reasons, why I love you”. Decorate the glass with your favorite colors and put it on a place, where you can see it the whole year.

Valentinstag Geschenk

Dawn in the bathroom
Put some small red stickers with many great compliments on the mirror. How else could a day better start?

Unforgettable memories
Choose the favorite picture of the last year, print it as a canvas and hang it up. It guarantees a big smile!

A gift voucher – for a common time
In a time, where everyone has nearly everything, it is not that easy to find a present.

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We recommend: Gift a common, great time. Take a break from everyday life and enjoy joyful hours in a great atmosphere. Everyone deserves a short break – your relationship will benefit!

Find our vouchers here – Live Your Love Out Loud!

(c) Arlberg Marketing by Christoph SChöch


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