My name is Alexander Hahn

Mental coach, systemic business coach and trainer, organisation developer, change expert

Present as a mentor in the Goldenen Berg: TBD

Who am I? What drives me? Who do I want to be? – Get back to your authentic self.

Trusting. Full of perspective. With the courage to change.

Our lives quickly become a hamster wheel with our professional and private obligations. We react instead of act. We burn ourselves out for others. And lose ourselves in the process. Am I acting according to my wishes and needs? Or am I trying too hard to fulfil expectations? These are questions I have also asked myself. As a coach, I will gladly guide you in finding your own answers. Methodical, uncomplicated and suitable for every day.

You are invited to take a moment and take a look in the mirror. With love, humour and with a focus on your strengths. So you can find yourself again, (re)discover your resources and to act from your inner strength. Whether on the job or privately.

I look forward to meeting YOU.

My certifications & tools:

  • Systemic coach & trainer (dvct certified - German Association for Coaching and Training e.V.)
  • Certified Gallup Strength Coach
  • Other Education/Certifications: Mental Coach, Team Developer and Coach, Management Trainer, Mediator, Business Positioner, Career Development Coach, Online Trainer, Organisation Transformation Coach, Organisation and (disruptive) Business Model Developer

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Hahn & Löwe

Das sind Svenja und Alexander. Empathie und Kreativität, weibliche und männliche Energien in Verbindung

Hahn & Löwe - That's Svenja and Alexander. Empathy and creativity, feminine and

masculine energies in conjunction.

Work and leisure, feeling and understanding, Me and You. As life and business partners we know: It is often difficult to bring such apparent contradictions into harmony. But it is absolutely possible.

As a coaching-duo, we bundle together our expertise and will accompany you holistically on the subject of partnership. Whether in business or privately. Whether in individual coaching or with partners.

We create a trusted, empathetic exchange in a protected space. So perspectives can unify and a new balance is created.


Our certifications & tools:


  • Systemic Coaching & Training (dvct certified - German Association for Coaching and Training e.V.)
  • Gallup Strength Coaching (certified)
  • Other Education/Certifications: Mental Coaching, Team Development and Coaching, Management Training, Business Positioning, Career Development Coaching, Online Training, Organisation Transformation Coaching, Organisation and (disruptive) Business Model Development, Trainers at competence-on-top

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