My name is Anja Loehning

Life & Business Coach

Available as mentor at hotel Goldener Berg:
Spontaneous appointments possible


"Successful and happy" or "How to turn your holiday into a true holiday and then take it home"

In a single session, it is possible to resolve issues that have been clouding the holiday joy for years. Holiday dramas such as travel stress, colds, family quarrels and dashed expectations are often part of it, but that doesn’t need to be anymore.

We want to clear the way so that you can fully enjoy your holidays. Taking the weight off your shoulders in a playful and light way! When was the last time you felt carefree joy? Let's open the space for that, sneak through the crack in the door, walk through it. Cautiously and courageously at the same time, with curiosity and anticipation. Everything is allowed to be, everything is possible.

The stress-free, beautiful holiday feeling enables you to take a step out of your everyday life and your usual patterns, and to look at life from a different perspective. We use the impulses and relaxation during your holiday for you to be more joyful, more successful and happier at home as well.



You are welcome to be completely in the here and now during your holiday, to feel alive, and from here to have a look into the future so that you can take a valuable step forward.

I don't want to pull you out of your holiday, instead I want to reinforce and strengthen what the holiday has to offer, to lift you even higher, to pack this momentum for a better everyday life into your suitcase.
The vision of success leads to success. This is easily created during holidays. Every day of your life should treasure a piece of this holiday joy and light-heartedness, also after your stay at the Goldener Berg. That is when everyday working life and holidays differ less and less in your awareness of life.


With just a small session, we are using this opportunity during your holiday to take a surprisingly big step into a life that you desire.

With my methods, I can change and liberate something in a single session that may have been bothering, compromising or blocking you for a long time, and we can enrich your life perspectives with new, effective impulses.
I cordially invite you to my Highest Vision Session at the Goldener Berg. The change of scenery and the relaxation of the holiday make it so much easier to access your true wishes and possibilities for change. Great visions reveal themselves in this freedom, when you are out of your daily routines. Visualising and feeling your visions and dreams is the first step towards their realisation. The track switches for this are set anew during your holiday.



I was an investment banker in London for quite some time. At Christmas back home with my family, when the tension of everyday working life eased, my body reacted every year and I became ill. This experience, among others, made me look for change and I found it in facing my issues and exploring my real visions. During my backpacking trips to the high mountains and deep jungles of this world, I felt alive again. This feeling and a stroke of fate fundamentally changed my life and led me on my own personal journey.
Today I am still an investment banker, but a different one... and so much more. Accessing a proper support system and acquiring a new set of skills enabled me to redesign a life full of energy and joy. I am now living and loving to share this gift and to empower others to do the same.

My Qualifications 

  • ICF International Coaching Federation Member as certified Life Coach
  • Journey Practitioner Accredited® and Life Coach
  • Misc.: Deep Democracy CoResolve, Decoding your Manifesting DNA, Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner, practical systemic constellations, and more


Come along on a journey of discovery to your true, unique visions, during your holiday trip, where stress doesn’t get in the way and prevents you from looking at something new and better! Come along and find out what’s possible in one session! We meet in person at the Goldener Berg, inside the hotel or outside in the mountains, in German or English. I will create a pure and safe, non-judgmental space for you and support you reliably with the utmost confidentiality.

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My services for you at hotel Goldener Berg:

Open workshops with Anja Löhning
  • Highest vision session*
  • Special event workshops, incl. end-of-year meditation, new year vision quest, mid-year realignment, life values hierarchy, beliefs & conditioning
  • Healing adventures and physical journeys for children

*Your "Highest Vision" creates itself out of ease and joy while you’re on holiday. It thus carries this energy. Wouldn't it be wonderful to dive into your ideal life and take some of it home with you?

In-between your stays at the Goldener Berg, I can support you online individually and in a structured way. Together, it is so much easier to keep the energy high so that your wishes and dreams come true.

Duration: 45-60 min / price per participant: € 40.00
1:1 individual coaching sessions with Anja Löhning

For example:

  • Highest Vision Session
  • Acute session in the event of accident, illness or stroke of fate during holidays
  • Parent and child "meet me" session *

*Many issues with children accumulate in everyday school life and often show up massively during the holidays. Unresolved small things turn into holiday crises between parents and children. Why not leave these problems behind at the holiday resort and start over again on a new and freer level of communication? This session is a great gift for everyone: spending true quality time with your child and feeling the deep connection between you. Really listening to each other and finding out how the other is feeling and what’s going on in his life, right now here on holiday but also at home in everyday life.

In-between your stays at the Goldener Berg, I can support you online individually and in a structured way. Together, it is so much easier to keep the energy high so that your wishes and dreams come true.

duration 60-90 min € 198.00

Vision & Purpose


What fulfils you, makes you happy and alive?

For me, this is the most fundamental question of all. If you don't know what you want, where you want to go and what your goals and visions are, then you're kind of flying blind, aren't you? Visualising and feeling your visions and dreams is the first step towards realising them. This retreat will set you on a new course.