My Name is Boris Häbich

Even after ten years, yoga is a part of my daily routine. Everything I am gaining from this practice routine will be integrated in my yoga lessons to provide a maximum of benefits for my participants. 

I have trained students, sportsman, elderly people and kids in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and I am delighted by this kind of diversity. When I got doubts about the physical and mental flexibility of my yoga students, I was able to adapt my courses according to their requirements. My work as a primary school teacher showed me the way to yoga with kids and teenagers. I am excited about the upcoming experiences during my yoga courses and single lessons.

A yoga course may be about fitness and physical flexibility, or about mental and emotional condition. According to the participants' willingness, yoga may appeal on different levels and solve a variety of conditions. I am learning and growing because of my work field, which is the most thrilling part as masseur and yoga therapist.


The most pleasant part are the massages. For both, clients and therapists. My techniques are based on the assumption, that a treatment is even more soothing, if the masseur feels comfortable in his environment. Besides classic massages, I am studying the traditional Thai massage and the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. Due to my yoga skills and my passion for details, I am familiar with the body's anatomy. This allows me to offer holistic and versatile treatments. 


My offers at GOLDENER BERG:

massages, spa treatments and yoga courses / yoga single lessons