The Johannisstübli at the Goldener Berg

The “Stübli” gets its lovely name from the Saint figure that adorns this wonderful woodpanelled room. Soft cloth drapes the noble walls, and you take your seat in a particularly atmospheric ambience.

Warm light falls on the charmingly layed tables, bathing the “Stube” in a lovely cosy glow. As a highlight, we offer you vegan and vegetarian delights in the Johannesstübli.

The Johannisstübli has already been awarded two toques.

The Johannisstübli is award-winning. GaultMillau (we were awarded our first toque as long ago as 1991), à la carte, and Falstaff have all left their tracks here.
Take a read for yourself:



Mountain Food

Plant based alpine cuisine

The way to the heart is through the stomach – because we know: You are what you eat! True to our motto: “Everything is possible, nothing is compulsory”, we prepare plant-based cuisine.

Human beings and everything good for them are our focus. Comprised with the expertise of nutritional scientists for modern nutrition, you'll experience dishes and menus cooked with love and inspired by Mediterranean cuisine. 

Creative, pure Alpine-Adriatic cuisine that allows you to experience the best products and underlines holistic self-care and the bohemian lifestyle brought to the highest culinary level.


Opening times in winter: 07.00 to 09.30 pm
Johannesstübli is currently closed. 

In summer we are glad to book you a table in our Dirndlstüberl or on our sun terrace.

Table reservation WINTER MENU (CHANGING WEEKLY) wine List (in german)
Please note that our menu changes weekly.

Stay tuned!
International evenings, Austrian buffets, open kitchen parties

There's always something new at the Goldener Berg. We would love to keep you personally informed about the latest offers.