My name is Daniela Pfefferkorn

Shaman, life and nutrition consultant

Present as a therapist at Golden Mountain: 
tuesdays and thursdays

All my life I've been out in nature as much as possible. I love it. It gives me strength, grounding, peace and holistic abundance. Throughout my life I try to do everything I can to use this, our Mother Earth, as gently as she treats us.

Peace, serenity, health - have always been important pillars of my life and things I have studied in depth.

For a long time I have been offering people advice on nutrition and energy work. I talk to animals and read for people in their morphic field.

Nutrition has been an important factor in my life since I was a child. Coupled with conscious movement in nature and the heart's desire to remain in the inner center, I have been studying all healing methods from around the world for many years.

With the now completed training as an energy medicine practitioner and health coach, the circle is now quite complete and a variety of treatments can be offered.

Here briefly to my training in the field of health, holism, energy medicine:

Trainings, seminars, lectures on the following topics:
Illness as a path - Dahlke, Quantum healing - Kinslow, The spiritual enneagram - Pruckner, Novotny, Activate your vision - Lumira, Spiritual healing - Urbanek, Archetypes of the soul - Hasselmann, Kryon school, Energetic cleaning of buildings and places, Working with Symbols, Time for Femininity - Richardson, Meditations according to Osho, Lemuria, The Origin of Time Quantum Physics - Hawking, The work - Byron Katie, Power of Devotion - Singer, The Awakened Consciousness - Tepperwein, The History of Philosophy - Precht, and many more.


1998 - 2000                            Training as a psychotherapist trainer; 12 weeks in total with diploma from the Biotic Institute Austria.

Summer 2001                        Acting training at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, LA, CA; USA

2006 - 2008                            Language training with Nicola Tiggeler

2007 - 2008                            Biotiversity I training 9 weeks in total - Biotic Institute Austria

2008 - 2009                            Biotiversity II training 9 weeks in total

2010                                        Training Eico Nutrition - Balanced Nutrition for the Eicosanoids - Hormones; Biotic Institute Austria

2011 - 2013                            Biotiversity III training 9 weeks in total

2011                                        Cooperation and training with nutritionist and inventor of the "Glyx - Principle" Marion Grillparzer

2014 - 2015                            Inner Circle Biotic Institute 9 weeks in total

2015                                        Training animal communication - Beate Seebauer

2015/16                                  Training MFL - Reading in the morphic field; MFL world, Kurt Zyprian Hörmann

2021                                        Training Waldbade Coach; German Academy for Forest Bathing and Health

2021                                        Training Lightworker - Barbara Fegerl; Seelenflüstern KG

2021                                        Training "The temple of the soul" - Barbara Fegerl; Seelenflüstern KG

2022/23                                  Training as Energy Medicine and Health Coach at the Four Winds Organization - Alberto Villoldo & Marcelle Lobos

It should be said: each person can only heal himself. The therapist can bring something out, bring it back, derive it. But the client must nurture it further on, otherwise you may feel a change in the short term, but very quickly lock back into the old structure. Tasks are part of the treatments. Everyone decides for himself how important change and health is to him.

So I am happy to offer you now the following treatments and consultations:

Alpine baths
Duration approx. 180 min.
Experiencing nature together, with breathing techniques, meditation, awareness training, right from the doorstep.

Nutritional counseling
Duration approx. 50 min.
Discussion of where you are now, where perhaps the shoe pinches and which nutrition can lead you certainly to an increased well-being in your temple - your body.

Extractions - removal of all kinds of foreign energies 
Duration approx. 120 min.
Most people are occupied from their childhood but also from past lives with energies that partially or completely deprive the power for the life here. These can be removed on all levels to restore the energy flow in the body and in life.

Soul retrieval - reintegrating lost soul parts
Duration approx. 120 min.
In the case of great traumas, which we all experience and have experienced in past lives, a healthy part of the soul splits off and we feel incomplete. We bring this part back to you so that you feel whole again.

Work with the ancestors 
Duration approx. 120 min.
Our ancestors give us our life. Often, however, they still explain to us in adulthood energetically where it goes for us. We learn to lead them back to their own destiny and are free to go our own way.

Oracle reading 
Duration approx. 50 min.
Do you have an important question? Do you want to change something in your life? What prevents you from doing so? The stone oracle gives you important hints and can already bring something into flow

Duration approx. 30 min.
What have I come into this life for? What is my destiny, where is my journey going? This destiny can be tracked and re-integrated in order to be able to go straight on the path to your own happiness.

What is the meaning of my life? What did I come here to do? Why does everything very often feel so hard? I asked myself these questions as a child. In my early 20's I embarked on a journey through many studies with many masters.

The shamans, which I have been studying for some time now, are about leaving this life, alive. But also about experiencing this life fully conscious. Many of us sleep even though we are awake. Schmanen want to be fully awake even though they are asleep. We can be awake even in our dreams and know that we are dreaming. Then we can understand this dream of our life and bring some more beauty and peace into this world - into this dream.

Furthermore, we probably only see 2% of everything that is. Everything is connected, everything is energy. Not only on this planet but in the whole universe. To feel this connection makes us whole again, complete. We are trusting that we are taken care of and connected to so many spiritual guides and helpers that we are free of fear.

Much I have understood, much is still to be recognized. If you are also pursuing these questions, I am looking forward to exchange and to bring in other points of view to one or the other topic and to be able to achieve physical, as well as mental and spiritual changes.

Holistic health at Golden Mountain - profound knowledge and great therapists

Health no longer comes automatically with us in our time. Already when we are born, but through a society that has very often lost the roots to our great mother and thus to itself, we also learn to wean ourselves. Yet it is our essence to be connected to everything.

This I have studied in depth, with western and eastern masters - I know it and more and more, the trust to everything that is is spreading in my being. A wonderful state, which only evokes one thing in me: deep gratitude for everything I was allowed to learn in the last 30 years and a great love for everything that surrounds me.