A farewell in the Goldener Berg ... & a lot of anticipation for the coming winter in Oberlech

freedom | 10/03/2019

Last summer showed its most beautiful side. High up on the Goldener Berg, the mild summer summer wind caressed the heads - and the crystal-clear mountain streams provided cooling and refreshment. The hottest time of the year presented us with light and bright colors. It is so wonderfully grounding to feel the liveliness of the summer with all the cells of the body.

Slowly, the coming season moves in. Autumn is probably the most comfortable time for us - a time of harvest and a time of thanks. A deep gratitude fills us as we pick the sweet fruits on the trees and Oberlech is bathed in a beautiful golden light. Nature is shining towards us - and slowly preparing for winter.

The mighty winter in Oberlech

The darkness of the cold season has something threatening for many people. Not for us. We take advantage of the wonderful tranquillity that we are called to in autumn and winter to go into silence. Just as the animal world adapts to the wheel of the season, so we would like to experience them consciously.

Autumn is life that goes deep.

Says the wonderful Monika Minder. And she knows about winter:

Enchanted the world lies in white,

still flakes fall quietly.

Emchamted shines the sidereal time

And again and again hearts get far.

We can decide for ourselves how we want to deal with the individual influences of the outside world. We choose to accept them fully and let the potential in them. We are already looking forward to the enjoyable hours on the large sun terrace of the Golden Mountain!

Until the 6th of October we are still here for you. Then we will use the time to say goodbye to the summer and enjoy the autumn to the full.

On the 28th of November, the doors of the Goldener Berg will be opened again for you. Full of anticipation we start the winter 2019/2020 together!

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