My name is Mariia Boichenko (Maria Jee)

Holistic Therapist / Yoga Instructor


Present as a yoga teacher at Golden Mountain:

Daily on request

I am passionate about making yoga accessible to all. Furthermore, I want to create an intuitive practice that focuses on the unity of body, mind and inner consciousness. In 2011, I started my yoga journey and quickly realized that I wanted to make it my lifestyle, meaning a daily healthy routine in my life. Since 2015 I have been teaching Hatha, Vinyasa, Pranayama and Meditation in various places around the world (India, Maldives, Cyprus and Oman).

I am a certified 500-RYT yoga teacher by the Himalayan Yoga Association and 200-RYT yoga teacher by the American Yoga Alliance. I am also a certified 300-GCT Thai Massage Therapist. In this area, I also enjoy exploring and studying other forms of movement.

My classes are influenced by traditional yoga practice and are therefore suitable for everyone. The focus will be on the breath and therefore posture and length of breaths. Dynamic vinyasa flow and asans are combined. The goal is to relieve chronic pain, reduce stress patterns and provide a sense of balance and harmony. The classes will be very varied with different poses and sequences. The class is suitable for beginners, advanced and experts.

Hollistic therapy means holistic therapy in the broadest sense. It looks at health and unwellness in the broadest possible framework as an expression of the interplay of body, mind and spirit with its immediate environment.

Mariia specializes in movement-based therapy that relieves chronic pain and stress to balance the body, mind and spirit.

I look forward to my time with you at Golden Mountain!

Kind regards,


Training: Yoga teacher and massage therapist

Ashtanga / Hatha & Vinyasa Flow
Duration approx. 60 min.
Ashtanga: A very powerful, dynamic direction. All parts of the body are activated and stretched. Hatha & Vinyasa: Hatha Yoga includes asanas as well as movement sequences (Vinyasa or Flow), breathing exercises (Pranayama), mental relaxation techniques and meditation.

Traditional Thai Massage
Duration approx. 80 min.
A form of tissue stimulation from Thailand. The body is stimulated through extensive stretching and mobilization.   

Thai foot reflexology treatment with neck relaxation Deacidification of the body through the feet
Duration approx. 80 min
With a special alkaline foot bath and fine foot strokes, acid is extracted from the body through the feet. At the same time, organs in certain zones are harmonized. This application can be used mainly to stimulate the energy flow in the body and to stimulate the circulation or metabolism. This application can be used in case of disorders in the meridian system or internal organs, cold feet, as well as states of weakness or coldness.