Holidays with your dog in Austria

Time for great adventures in the mountains

We love dogs! One thing is clear, they need to come on holiday with you. As the proud owners of a wonderful dog called Meg, we know all about what a hotel holiday with a dog entails, and love preparing the perfect, relaxing holiday for you.


Dogs are not just permitted, they are very, very welcome here!

The area around the 4 star Superior Hotel Goldener Berg is perfect for long walks, hikes with wonderful views, and great activities to enjoy with your dog. In the hotel itself, dogs enjoy cosy rooms with dog blankets and food bowls and plenty of space.


Autumn is the perfect time for you and your fluffy best friend in the mountains: with or without snow, your darling can run as long and as far as he wants - there is absolutely nothing in his way during this time.

In November, your furry nose will also stay with you for free, starting from a booking of four nights.


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We will be happy if you bring your four-legged friend.

S/he is very welcome with us!
In our lounge & club restaurant area and on our sun terrace your four-legged favorite may accompany you at any time for breakfast, lunch for a small à la carte snack as well as for dinner.

In addition, the price of 29.00 € per pet per night includes the following services:

  • Extra room cleaning
  • Every dog gets a welcome letter on arrival
  • A basket or a large cushion is provided
  • Towels for drying your dog after a playful snowball fight or jumping in puddles
  • In summer there is a special bath for dogs in front of the hotel
  • Organic dog treats to sweeten up the day
  • Dog bowls and poop bags are of course available

Experience the vacation with your dog actively in nature

If you want to experience activities where the dog does not feel comfortable, you are welcome to put your darling in the loving and professional hands of our dogsitters. Beautiful walks and cozy hours in the hotel - so you yourself and the dogs can spend the time when they are separated, relaxed and reassured. Price per hour: 13,00€

We are also happy to prepare food for the dogs.
With the best ingredients from the local organic farmer, the BARF treats taste especially good.

The dog is the only creature on earth that loves you more than itself.
- Josh Billings -

Human and animal in harmonious togetherness

Human and pet are almost always a unit. The animal mirrors us and wants to support us in our development. But it also warns us of dangers. Of course, each animal also has its own soul, which is weakened by trauma. Mrs. Ender can balance all these things with attunement of the animal. This is possible during your vacation in the Golden Mountain, but gladly also at home online!

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For those with 2 legs

Please understand that dogs are not permitted in the spa area, but there's nothing wrong with them enjoying a lovely sleep in your room. After all, your dog's dreams need to process all of the wonderful hours spent together in the fresh mountain air.

Human & animal energy

Your host Daniela Pfefferkorn is a qualified human and animal energy specialist.