Winter DETOX, rest - outlook - purification 7 nights

01.12.2023 - 26.12.2023
07.01.2024 - 11.02.2024
03.03.2024 - 21.04.2024

Goal: The cold season and early dusk is the perfect time for dedicating to the body and drain toxins of all kinds. You'll notice that it's not just your body that purges - physical blockages and mental patterns run away too! 


Allow yourself a few days that only belong to you. All the toxins that have accumulated in your body, mind and soul over the past year are now allowed to flow away. Alkaline cuisine, treatments in the spa, daily yoga, conscious movement in nature support you in this process. If you wish, a trusted companion (coach) will accompany you before the vacation, through the vacation and, if desired, even afterwards. Me time at its best. Of course also with your partner, your best friend and your beloved furry nose.


Your included additional services:

  • Including full board (alkaline, vegan or vegetarian)
  • A consultation with our self-care companion
  • ​​​Two light quantum base baths according to Dr. Töth (45 minutes each)
  • One salt wrap (45 minutes)
  • One liver wraps for detoxification (30 minutes each), gladly in your room or in the Alpine Spa
  • Two detoxifying body wraps (45 minutes)
  • Two soothing relaxation massage (25 minutes)
  • A varied program such as a daily yoga class, meditation, alpine bathing, guided snowshoe hikes, and much more
  • A golden Me book for keeping thoughts and a giveaway


Bookable 7 nights: 

Price is for the whole stay.

Additional nights can be booked on request.

Two offers cannot be combined with each other.



We recommend that you arrive one day before the seminar begins and do not depart until the day after. This way you give yourself the space to gently integrate these intense experiences before you dive back into your everyday life.