Yoga & Fascia with Daniela Kellner

29.09.2022 - 03.10.2022

Fascia Yoga combines fascia training with yoga elements. There is a lot of stretching and rolling - for strong connective tissue, more flexibility and muscle strength. Fascia Yoga is a whole body workout for more flexibility and strength.

Goals of the workshop:

  • Blood circulation is enhanced. The body can be better supplied with important nutrients and oxygen and metabolic waste products can be removed.
  • In addition, as your fasciae become more flexible, you will be more mobile and stable. Your posture is improved, joint complaints and back pain can be prevented, muscular imbalances are balanced and tension is relieved.
  • The fascial connective tissue is responsible for the performance of your muscles. If the fasciae are long, you can train your muscles in a more targeted way and your strength is better transferred to your musculoskeletal system.
  • Your muscles can regenerate faster and are less prone to injury.


  • Basic knowledge of fascia anatomy and physiology.
  • Latest findings in fascia research
  • Basic principles of fascia training
  • Understanding the different access routes to address fascia


  • 1x 75 minute Yin Yoga to arrive (Friday before dinner).
  • 2x 90 minutes Fascia Yoga in the afternoon (Sat & Sun)
  • 3x 75 minutes Energy Yoga before breakfast (Sat, Sun, Mon)

Your included additional services:

  • Your desired room for 4 nights as well as all golden included services
  • Our 3/4 pampering board
  • Two yoga sessions a day
  • Lecture on the latest fascia research findings
  • Hand out exercises for at home

The practice appeals to anyone who wants to promote their health through exercise into old age - including those who are less familiar with classical yoga or who want to "get a taste" of it for the first time.

Especially athletes who have strong muscles or good endurance but little flexibility - such as strength athletes, but also runners benefit from it.

The workshop is suitable for all levels.

The workshop is not suitable for those with osteoporosis or the preliminary stage of osteopenia.

This workshop will give you an insight into current fascia research. In addition to a variety of new impulses which you can use in your sports practice, we will do very specific exercises in order to train your fascia.

Together we will look at how fasciae are built. Furthermore, I will show you what makes fascia mat and harden and to which stimuli fascia reacts and adapts. Supported by your breathing, you will explore completely new body spaces. Together with movements, sounds and tones - which make your tissue vibrate we will ideally address and stimulate all fascia receptors.

We will also learn about your body's myofascial pathways and trigger points and how to safely work them with tools.

Bookable from 4 nights: 

In single room for single use (1 person) from € 1.094,50
In a studio for single use from € 1.307,50
In a superior suite - friends special for 2 persons from € 2.615,00

The prices are for the whole stay.
Additional nights can be booked on request.