A warm welcome

at the Golden Energy Mountain

We are very pleased that we can spoil you here at our hotel.
We have put together all the necessary information for you here so that you feel at home in our house right from the start.


Your hostess

Daniela Pfefferkorn

Holiday. Peace and quiet. Detachment. Time spent at the Goldener Berg is like the most healing balm for body and soul, thanks to nature, the mountains and the hostess herself.
For as long as she can remember, Daniela Pfefferkorn has loved being out and about in nature. It's easy to see why when you look around her on the sunny plateau she calls home: mountains, vast expanses, unspoilt nature. Symbols of peace, serenity and health. At least if the hotelier has her way. Because her home gives her so much strength and grounding, she shares all of this with her guests today.


At the Goldener Berg, a hotel, traditional business and place of good living. Where the landscape not only lovingly tickles the eyes and the plant-based alpine cuisine is good for the body. But also, with the help of countless offers in the areas of health, holism and energy medicine, attention is also paid to the soul. As a trained energy medicine practitioner and health coach, Daniela Pfefferkorn herself is now also happy to provide expert guidance.

Her desire to devote herself fully to her own health and to receive first-hand advice on nutrition, stress management and other matters. Daniela Pfefferkorn has travelled a lot and studied a number of healing methods from all over the world. She then brings them all back to her beloved homeland and, together with the hotel's diverse (healing) masseurs, great coaches and multi-talented therapists, to her guests. So you can look forward to a time for the body, mind and soul...