A spring scented room fragrance

dream | 08/15/2018

Scents have always gone hand in hand with people. Aromas can seduce, stimulate, calm, and have a range of other effects. Responsibly used, precious fragrant oils can be part of the house first aid kit, lovingly used as a comforter for minor complaints and injuries.

Today we want to share how to make a lovely spring scented room fragrance, characteristically fragrant and without any form of chemistry.

You need:

  • 3 parts distilled water
  • 1 part alcohol
  • A few drops of high-quality fragrant oil (personal preference)
  • 1 (preferably violet) spray bottle

How to do it: Mix the water and alcohol and add the fragrance to the liquid. Fill the bottle, decorate it with a beautiful label and after shaking it, spray it into the room (not directly onto skin).

Some oils and their effects*:

Persian rose
On account of its tender, flowery fragrance, the rose has many positive effects on mood. It lightens the mood, alleviating winter depression. The aroma also has a relaxing effect, but stimulates in cases of tiredness.

There are different types of lavender (with different effects). Please be sure to use the correct type. Thanks to the diversity of the plants, they also have different effects, and we choose the “real lavender”, and are very fond of its calming effect.

Known justly as the “oil of well-being”. It gives a feeling of security and is especially popular with children. Those who are feeling flat will appreciate its balancing effect. The fragrance also serves as an aphrodisiac.

This has a wonderfully fresh aroma and helps regulate the hormonal balance, promoting the production of endorphins and is tremendously relaxing.

Fragrances are the souls of the plants. Use them carefully, thankfully, and lovingly.

Yours, Daniela Pfefferkorn


In your choice of aromatic oils, take good care to choose a high-quality and take note of contra indications. To be even more certain, the best thing is to contact a trained aromatician. If children, animals, or very old people live in your house, adjust the dosage of fragrances accordingly.