A winter yoga retreat - asanas for the dark season

peace | 12/18/2020

Namastè - translates as: The divine in me greets the divine in you! What a beautiful greeting that reminds us once again to feel our divine, radiant and strong inner light. Especially in the current season, when nature is dark and cold, it is important to take care of ourselves.

Darkness represents the feminine - the counterpart of the bright, the sun - the masculine. And so we may use this quality time to immerse ourselves in a wonderful calm and a gentle silence, to reflect on the past months and to decide what we want to take with us into 2021 - and what may now go. As outside so inside - the early falling darkness gives the cozy setting to step back, enter the silence and enjoy the "dark" time!

Although this Christmas is almost a bit reminiscent of "Christmas as it used to be in the immediate family circle", it is a time like we have never experienced before. Many "externals" are dropped - there is no Christmas shopping, no mulled wine stands, and no Christmas parties - we are encouraged to consider what and who we need to be happy. This Advent time is really a quiet and calm time, which we may use - to go into ourselves and take good care of ourselves.

We would like to support you a little bit in this - also often challenging - time and show you three asanas from Hatha Yoga,
which give peace, strength and grounding. Enjoy!

Matsyasana - or "The Fish

This exercise helps to breathe properly again. Breath is life - unfortunately, in everyday life we often tend to breathe shallow and short. The "Fish" can help with exhaustion and listlessness as well as postural problems, strengthens the lungs and can release blockages in the cervical and lumbar spine.

Lie on the back, arms stretched and placed next to the body, legs are closed
Slide palms under buttocks so thumbs touch.
On the next inhalation, lift the chest while placing the head as far back as possible on the neck.
The back of the head, elbows, forearms and hips remained on the floor.

Bhujangasana - or "The Cobra"

The exercise is used on a physical level to strengthen the back and neck. The entire posture can be improved and the internal organs receive a revitalization. "The Cobra" is also among the heart opening exercises.

Lie flat on the mat on your stomach, forehead resting on the floor, legs stretched out parallel to each other, big toes touching.
Hands are placed next to the chest, elbows remain close to the body.
Now the pelvic floor and leg and buttock muscles are tensed and the head is lifted upwards.
The legs remained on the floor while the upper body with shoulders, chest and abdomen slowly come up.
Breathe deeply!

Paschimottanasana - or "The Pincer"

It is one of the most important exercises of all and is extremely effective. It challenges the mind and body and trains yogis in serenity, humility and devotion. In addition, it stimulates the organs and activates the immune system.

Starting position: Long sit. Hands are placed next to the buttocks. Breathe deeply and straighten the spine.
Pull toes towards knees.
On the next breath give both arms upward and on exhalation slowly bend forward. The back should remain straight.
The hands are placed where they are right now.
The goal is to keep the back straight, grasp the feet and rest the upper body on the legs.

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We look forward to seeing you!


*The suggestions for the asanas are only valid as "reminders" for people who have already had experience with yoga. For absolute beginners, we strongly recommend to attend a professional course beforehand.