Almstern – The power of nature

peace | 07/04/2018

Your host and nature lover Daniela Pfefferkorn has collaborated with renowned experts to create the Almstern natural care series exclusive for the Goldener Berg. Almstern is the old name for “Edelweiß”, a wonderful, white Alpine flower with densely-haired petals that successfully withstand the Alpine conditions.

Together with doctors, wellness experts, and Pitztal herb farmers, a well-being product range was created which is made 100% from natural substances.

Natural Edelweiß extracts give gentle beauty, but also give good protection against all sorts of environmental influences.
Ground up garnet gemstones represent friendship and give the products an added element of luxury.
Then, ice cold glacier water, nourishing Alpine honey, precious oils from the mountain marsh marigold and peeling grains processed from walnuts.

Nature gives us all that we need. We just have to accept it thankfully and use it carefully. Our knowledge is based on centuries of experience coupled with modern scientific discoveries in the areas of health and well-being.

The Almstern care series contains the following products:

  • Almstern honey-stonepine bath – Honey is gently therapeutic, and the stone pine has a calming effect.
  • Almstern propolis milk – Propolis is a precious product from bees and was a popular remedy as far back as the ancient Greeks.
  • Almstern foot cream – For silky well-being.
  • Almstern Alpine honey oil – Our local honey is distinctive in its high-quality owing to the healthy natural environment.
  • Almstern St John’s wort after sun Lotion – St John’s wort stores light, cares for the skin, and can help brighten moods.
  • Almstern arnica milk – Arnica has always been popular and has a whole range of healing properties. The yellow flower braves all wind and weather.
  • Almstern St John’s wort milk – Brings sun to the skin in the cold winter months too!
  • Almstern marble body oil – For skin care
  • Almstern suncream – For protection
  • Almstern herbal shampoo – fragrant hair care
  • Almstern lip balsam – for a special smile
  • Almstern natural salt peeling honey-stonepine – Honey soothes, heals, and is therapeutic, and the stone pine has a calming and earthing effect.
  • Almstern detoxifying pack – helps the body’s detoxification processes
  • Almstern sport & health pack – for that extra portion of relaxation
  • Almstern detoxifying salt – detox & nature
  • Almstern arnika bandage – correct dosage of the all-round plant, for external application
  • Almstern liver wrap – a natural detoxification turbo

Create energy from nature, and refuel in the Arlberg region. It is unbelievably beautiful to be embraced by the Oberlech mountain peaks!

We look forward to your visit