Aroma oils - a beautiful world of the senses

love | 01/24/2019

We live in a time that is predominantly shaped by our mind, thoughts and analytical thinking. We calculate, make head-decisions, ponder. When a force is so overwhelming, our remaining senses often go unnoticed. With this realization, we love to discover something new. To focus our attention on our nose, our mouth, our body and our emotions. A wonderful way to put this into practice are aroma oils.

Aroma oils are "the fragrant soul of plants" as many say so beautifully. The oils have strong effects on body, mind and soul. They can be used as "little helpers" in everyday life, convince in the fantastic world of aroma cuisine and are ideal for relaxing meditation units.

Within a few hundredths of a second, fragrances stimulate the brain. We react immediately - no matter if we like what we smell or not. For this reason, probably the saying "I can not smell someone“ - unconsciously decides within a short time whether we feel attracted or not.

It is important to pay attention to the origin of the oils. In general: Use NATIVE products and pay attention to the ingredients.
In case of doubt, please contact trained aroma physicists.

Oils and their effects:

Lavender oil:
The oil has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect. For headaches and muscle cramps lavender oil as a bath additive or massages with matching carrier oils help.

Orange Oil:
Contributes to a good mood and lifts the mood. Orange oil works against irritability and anxiety and helps with inner restlessness. The physical effect is versatile - so the oil helps, for example, with acne and against cellulite.

Rose oil:
The rose oil is the oil of pure love. It is considered to be very mood-enhancing and reminiscent of the sun, flowers and the summer. It is especially used in winter. The rose has a strong balancing and relaxing effect.

Vanilla oil:
Vanilla has a calming and balancing effect. The oil is often used in the case of a Burn Out - it also gives the feeling of security.

Ylang Ylang - Oil:
Ylang Ylang affects the hormone secretion of serotonin and has a direct effect on the mood. It increases self-confidence and efficiency.


There are countless other oils - in our head - world we would now say: Let us advise you.
In our senses - world we say: Close your eyes, let the oils work on you and let your inner voice make the decision. The voice, which is paid too little attention and is always right.

The fragrances can be applied differently. A drop on a scented stone accompanies all day. Your own four walls or the workplace can be scented with a diffuser - you can drip ready fragrance mixtures or create your own fragrance compositions. Aromatic oils are also used in the aroma kitchen and in green cosmetics. You will soon read more about it in our blog.

Our tip:
A fragrance mediation - relaxation for all the senses

Take about 30 minutes.

Choose 3 aroma oils - let the heart decide.

Darken the room, close your eyes and breathe deeply into your stomach three times - and off again. Body, mind and soul adjust to the fragrance mediation.

Now take the first vial, open it and smell the scent.

How does the scent affect you?
How would you describe him?
What feelings arouses the fragrance?
Where do these feelings sit in the body?

Smile in the body area and thank the scent.
Close the bottle and feel for it.

This process is repeated with the other two fragrances.

Finally, breathe 3 times deep and open your eyes.

Be aware of the effect on the various levels - and complete the relaxation with a grateful smile.

Slowly enter the world of fragrances. A world that looks wonderful, smells, enchants. Read more about aroma oils soon in our blog.

Until then, all the best!