Culinary tips from the Goldener Berg

love | 06/28/2019

Gesunde Sommerküche

Der Sommer beschenkt uns reich. Wir arbeiten im Garten, ernten würzige Wildkräuter, ziehen erste Karotten und leichtes Gemüse und erfreuen uns an den strahlenden Sonnenstunden.

Im Jahreszyklus steht der Sommer für Genuss und den Beginn der Ernte. Wir werden für die geleistete Arbeit belohnt und dürfen uns an den wunderbaren Gaben der Natur erfreuen. Und genau das tun wir heute auch – wir machen einen Streifzug durch die Natur rund um den Goldenen Berg und zaubern ein herrlich frisches Sommergericht.

Lassen Sie sich inspirieren!

Summery wild herb soup woth wholemeal bread & flower butter

For a large pot you collect during a nice walk:

1 handful stinging nettle
have an anti-inflammatory effect
1 handful of Deafnettle
have a calming and blood-cleansing effect
1 handful of dandelion leaves
stimulate circulation and promote digestion
½ hand full yarrow leaves
purify the blood and tone the blood vessels

And it’s that simple:
Peel an onion, chop finely and saute in some butter. Rinse off the herbs, chop finely, add to the onions and pour 750 ml vegetable broth over it. Let the soup simmer for about 20 minutes and puree. Bind with 2 tablespoon sour cream and cook it again. Season with salt and pepper and serve sprinkled with fresh herbs.

For wholemeal bread

500 g wholemeal spelt flour
150 g linseed
½ l water
1 cupe yeast
2 teaspoons salt and
2 teaspoons fruit vinegar

mix, pour the relatively liquid dough into a box mould lined with baking paper and place in the cold oven. Bake at 200C top and bottom heat for approx. one hour

Finely chop flowers edible for the flower butter such as naturtium and stir into melted butter that is not too warm. Pour into a suitable mould and let is set in the refrigerator.

Invite your guests to your home once again – and spoil your loved ones with healthy, natural summer dishes!

All the best from the Arlberg!

P.S.: The famous GLXY cuisine is also based on freshness and seasonality – we are happt to spoil you!