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peace | 05/17/2024

Holidays in the Goldenen Berg

If you have recently stayed with us, then you have probably already discovered it - the little gemstone that is lovingly draped in your room as a little surprise waiting for you. Rock crystal is white to transparent and has always been one of the most important healing stones for humans and animals. The stone amplifies luminous energies and at the same time protects against non-contributing vibrations. In the ancient world, gemstones were thought to be ice that could no longer melt - even then, they were attributed numerous magical powers. 

Quartz crystal - many names, countless attributed qualities

This marvellous gemstone is found all over the planet, so it is no wonder that many indigenous peoples see it as a special healing stone. Native Americans placed rock crystals with newborn babies to provide special protection. African tribes use the gemstone against curses. Hildegard von Bingen recommended the use of the healing stone for problems with the eyes and in the Middle Ages it was used as a remedy for digestive problems. 

Other German names for the gemstone are 
Mountain ice or water drop quartz 

The healing power of rock crystal - ancient knowledge

Rock crystal is considered a master healer - a stone of power. It symbolises clarity, order and balance and is still an important part of shamanic ceremonies today. 

One of its most important properties is the balancing of harmonies. It protects and raises vibrations at the same time and can be easily combined with other crystals. 

Our tip: Charge your gemstones regularly! To do this, wash them with cold spring water and ideally place them in the moonlight during a full moon.

Holidays in the Goldener Berg - recharge your batteries in the Alps

Exclusively for our guests, a personal copy of this marvellous all-rounder awaits you in your booked hotel room. The following additional information is enclosed: 

The rock crystal
has a cooling, antipyretic and decongestant effect on the body. For the soul, it sharpens inner perception and raises awareness. It is responsible for all chakras. It is associated with the zodiac sign of Leo and the third phase of the moon.

Numerous poems are dedicated to this special stone. Look forward to this little greeting from host Daniela Pfefferkorn and the golden team.