Fit through the winter - the way to more performance and better health


For us, a fit body is simply part of feeling good. We make sure to eat healthy and provide ourselves with everything we need. This includes adequate relaxation sessions, enough sleep, the best mountain spring water and, in a certain sense, personal development. Being open to new things and also always looking at what we can leave behind - because it is not good for us. And just as we train and nurture our mind, our body also wants to be kept in motion. And what is good for ourselves, we are once again very happy to share with our guests. Today it's all about different workout options and outdoor activities around the Golden Mountain.

Exercise in the fresh mountain air

One thing has to be said beforehand - it doesn't take much to get some exercise in the mountains. Directly from the Goldener Berg, several kilometres of winter hiking trails lead into the beautiful region. Whether with snowshoes or mountain boots - the activity in the fresh air and the individual possibilities to do your workout are almost endless. Those who like to work out will find great running routes in Oberlech. In addition to jogging, there is the possibility of extended Nordic walking tours or cross-country skiing units.

The hotel's own trainer Natalia knows the region very well and adapts the activities offered to the individual needs of the group.

In addition, there are: guided winter hikes, guided snowshoe hikes, personal ski training and training sessions on the Galileo©. The fast rocking movement of the Galileo© causes a tilting movement of the pelvis. To compensate, the body reacts with muscle contractions. Perfect for the leg, abdominal, back and torso muscles.

Winter yoga at the golden energy mountain

Yoga stands for absolute balance for us. Physically as well as mentally. Thoughts gently move on as attention is focused on the breath. Stretch Yoga" is offered exclusively at the Golden Mountain. The experienced yogini show how the gentle sessions can improve health, posture and flexibility. With the "5 Tibetans" you will learn 2,500-year-old exercises that provide more energy and peace. You can find all further information in the current weekly programme.

The best offers for your health holiday in the Arlberg.

We have made it our goal to pamper our guests according to all the rules of the art. This concept starts even before you book your holiday and so we have created different packages that already include the best services depending on the theme. You are welcome to decide on the basis of your gut feeling. Trust your intuition. Often our feelings can guide us better than our intellect to what is good for us.


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