Fresh, clear air in Oberlech - regeneration & energy refuelling at Goldener Berg

sweets | 03/29/2021

Summer retreat & recreation holiday

Oberlech has a very special climate. The village is at an altitude of over 1,700 metres and is surrounded by majestic mountain scenery. In summer, colourful alpine flowers and spicy mountain herbs bloom on the beautiful meadows. The animals of the local farmers spend the entire summer on the alp - they enjoy the glorious sunshine, the scent of freedom and the crystal-clear mountain air.

This deep connection with alpine nature is also good for people. The untouched landscape moves, touches and calms. The gentle movement on the hiking trails and alpine paths that lead through forests, meadows and past sparkling waters grounds and heals.

When the view expands far across the summer mountain landscape, the sun warms our bodies and the gentle mountain wind touches our faces, we feel this magical place of power with all our senses!

Health = well-being = happiness

The crystal-clear air in Oberlech, around Goldener Berg, ensures well-being and regeneration. The scent and subtle vibrations of the spicy alpine herbs provide strength and health - pure well-being for the whole family!

Especially recommended in summer are leisurely walks and mindful hikes in the beautiful alpine area. Feel peace and relaxation - far away from the often hectic and planned everyday life. Let yourself be taken in by the wonders of nature - and enjoy the magnificent views and magical places around Goldener Berg.

Pure enjoyment - holidays in Austria impress not only with the magnificent landscape but also, of course, with regional products from the region. A love of the Alps that you can taste. We attach great importance to high-quality FOOD and source it from responsible local farmers and suppliers. Cheese and milk from cows that spend the summer on the alpine meadows. Meat and fish products from sustainable and mindful farming methods. Flour and fresh bread from loving hands.

The large sun terrace is considered a real gourmand's paradise. Sit down, enjoy and feel good. As passionately as we serve fluffy Kaiserschmarren, sweet highlights and spicy delicacies, so naturally are healthy dishes from our GLYX kitchen.


Healthy, active & healing

The concept of Goldener Berg is characterised by the love of the mountains and the homeland. The natural health-giving ingredients that nature provides are taken up and carried on in Goldener Berg. Local herbs in the gentle treatments, strength-giving natural materials and different well-being approaches ensure health, radiant beauty (which ALWAYS comes from within) and unforgettable pleasure holidays.


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