Gute Nacht!


To be able to sleep better is the greatest wish for many. Thoughts cascade, the room is the wrong temperature, there are disturbing noises or other things that keep us awake and prevent us from sleeping well. Here at the Goldener Berg, we have consciously committed to a “gute Nacht” and created an environment in which you will sleep like a log.

1. Oberlech, a place of energy
Remarkable levels have been measured in Oberlech. The average levels in Austria are approximately 5000 Bovis (the unit used for measuring the life energy of substances) yet around the Goldener Berg measurements of 10,000 to 12,000 have been recorded. You will notice that you automatically feel better, more relaxed, and healthy.

2. The rooms at the Goldener Berg
Choose your favourite room yourself and enjoy all the comforts of the Goldener Berg. Fine woods, soft colours, and well-considered concepts invite you to feel great and enjoy.

3. The bed linen
The use of the finest down and high-quality allergen-free bedlinen together with the “active energy” sheets ensure restful sleep. The latter contain small energy discs which convey information to your cells during the night that helps them regain their original crystalline form.

4. The fragrance of relaxation – and stone pine
The stone pine is a local tree to be found in Alpine regions, and is a wood that emits earthing energies. The stone pine ceilings at the Goldener Berg (the finest sheep’s wool and flakes of high-quality stone pine) reduce your pulse rate and strengthen your circulatory system.

5. Health in every cell of your body
Only the best regional products in our vitalising breakfast.
Gentle exercise in the wonderful nature of Oberlech. Every cell fills up with new, fresh energy.
Delicious highlights and local delicacies to vitalise you.
Breathe deeply in the afternoon in our wonderful wellness area with fantastic views.
In the evening, smile and enjoy.

Then it's time to head for your comfortable bed. Close your eyes, and look back on the day that has passed. As your thoughts float like clouds into the distance, feel light and free as you drift into the land of dreams.

Our tip: Create a wonderful sleeping climate at home too. Make your bedroom somewhere in that makes you feel good. Before going to bed, air the room for a short time, and make your evenings enjoyable and relaxed. Meditation sessions also help you relax completely and start your night full of anticipation.

Gute Nacht, Good night, Bonne nuite, Buona notte, 晚安 !