Health holiday at the Arlberg

peace | 06/13/2019

Early in the morning the work calls, at the same time you take care of your family lovingly and with the spring sun outside you can do a lot of work again. And when do you take time for your health? Even in stressful everyday life there must be time for oneself. We would like to show you in the Golden Mountain how you can achieve more well-being.

Out of sight, out of mind. Significant results can already be achieved with this method alone. Far away from your workplace and everyday routine, you can immerse yourself in the calming natural scenery of the Arlberg and find plenty of peace and quiet and opportunities to recharge your batteries. In addition, there are practical programmes and offers in the Golden Mountain that will lead you to your very own healthy lifestyle.

Four elements for your health in the Golden Mountain

Health and Training Program

Everyone knows: Exercise promotes health. But it's not always easy to get yourself up to it. Based on the health check, our personal advisors put together the training program so that the units fit you and the fun of exercise is activated without overloading your body. In addition to the basic examination with blood count, ECG and oxygen measurement in the blood, you can carry out further checks during the health check according to your wishes and complaints. Have your blood sugar, liver and blood fat values determined or prepare yourself for a new, more active life with a lactate test and 24-hour measurement. Food tests with subsequent nutrition tips make you fit for healthy cuisine in your own home.

Spacious wellness area

Lolling on the lounger and losing yourself in a book or watching nature from the water - the Alpin Spa offers many moments of well-being. Your back is pressing, your legs feel heavy or you finally want to indulge yourself again? Our massages, full baths, body packs and cosmetic treatments support the body during the regeneration phase and help you to achieve a fresh complexion. So that you can compete with the mountain sun.

Happy diet

Healthy AND tasty? During your stay in the Golden Mountain we will convince you that this is no longer a contradiction in terms. Inspired by the GLYX principle, we demonstrate that diets have nothing to do with renunciation and starvation, but that it is purely a matter of choosing the right foods. Our GLYX menu tastes good, supports weight loss and contains all important nutrients. Hard to believe? Test it for yourself and let your holiday become a pleasure time.

Positive energies

The positive effect of good vibrations on the body and the psyche is often only noticed when the smile suddenly falls so easily. In our house the energetician Leo Hermann ensures that disturbing electrosmog, earth rays and psychological smog literally dissolve into nothing and a liberating feeling develops. For a better night's sleep and a more winged holiday.

Relax, breathe in mountain air and learn about a healthy lifestyle? Turn your time out into a health holiday and visit us in the Golden Mountain. We have several packages on offer that are aimed at your well-being.