Healthy and fit through the autumn

peace | 09/15/2022

Well-being tips from the Goldenen Berg

Autumn is coming around the Goldenen Berg. Nature changes its colors, the time of strong blooming is over and something very special begins. We love this season. Beautiful days with gentle sunshine alternate with cozy hours indoors and all signs are pointing to retreat. The cycle of the year teaches us that everything has its time. The sowing, the blossoming, the harvesting, the resting. We use autumn to pause and take good care of ourselves. So that we can start the winter healthy, fit and happy. Today we reveal to you some of our personal tips on how to make the most of the coming season.


Fresh air and gentle movement

It's especially important to get outside in the fall. Use the sunny hours to replenish your vitamin D stores and do something good for your immune system by strengthening it on cool days in the fresh air. While many people recharge their batteries with exhausting sports like jogging or cycling, a leisurely walk can be very beneficial. Soak up the tranquility of nature and enjoy the weather just as it appears at this time. It is important to listen to your body - which jacket should you take with you? Is a scarf enough or should a cap be worn? Many of us have forgotten to listen to the body and decide from the head what is good. How about letting your stomach decide for once?

When you go for a walk, the path is the destination! What plants grow along the way? Do they have a message for you? What does the sky look like today? How does the wind feel? Take a conscious time-out and allow your body, your mind and your soul time to gather. Only in oneness are we strong and efficient.

Do something good for yourself and consciously take the time once a day for a stroll in nature. Well-being always starts from within. And if we don't take the time to listen to our inner voice and body, we run the risk of not being able to rest. And that, in turn, can greatly affect our health, as we all know.

Inhale – exhale. Time for meditation

A short pause. Come to yourself. Withdraw all antennae. In the often stressful everyday life, it is especially important to come to silence. If you don't have time for this, it's best to meditate a little longer. It doesn't matter whether you choose guided meditations, concentrate on yourself and your body for a short moment, observe animals or listen to a calming piece of music. We've made it a habit to get up 30 minutes earlier on particularly stressful days. Sometimes we meditate. Sometimes we listen to positive affirmations. Sometimes we are consciously grateful for all the gifts in our lives.

And sometimes we make a fresh cup of tea and watch the sunrise. Focused, deeply touched.

No matter what kind of quiet time you're in the mood for, take regular time-outs and then get back to work full of energy.


Healthy feel-good nutrition

For us, the basis of pure well-being is clearly a healthy diet. In the multitude of different ideologies, we have opted for a plant-based, alkaline natural cuisine. Of course, we offer our guests a wide range of different diets. Our kitchen team conjures up healthy gourmet dishes with the best regional and seasonal products. Oberlech is known for its large deposits of wild herbs and edible plants. For us it is a matter of course to refine our dishes with mindfully harvested herbs.




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