Healthy Lifestyle Feel good and enjoy - Tips for a healthy day

| 05/05/2021

1. Start the day relaxed with yoga

A wonderful routine is to start the day with yoga. The gentle full-body workout lovingly awakens us. It's good for the body to be stretched, and we have the opportunity to arrive consciously at ourselves and the new day. We like to do the "sun salutation" early in the morning. The gentle sequence of beneficial movements makes us loose and fit!

2. Healthy breakfast - or rather late breakfast!

We love to eat. And we also love not eating! The numerous positive effects of fasting have now been scientifically proven in a wide variety of studies. We simply feel good when we give our bodies and digestive organs time to regenerate. The 16/8 method, which involves abstaining from food for 16 hours, is very easy to incorporate into everyday life. If you like, you can vary it - there is bound to be the ideal sequence for everyone who wants to do something good for their body.

The "late meal" has also become popular - many people have become accustomed to eating only one to three meals a day. Here, too, it is good to listen to your own body and try out which meals suit you best and when.

3. Glyx feelings & delicious recipes

When we eat, we eat right! Our friend Marion Grillparzer is the inventor of the Glyx diet. A diet that does you good and convinces with its extremely delicious recipes. The Glyx principle refers to the glycemic index and is based on the blood sugar reaction to different foods. We source the products we use from local farmers and Austrian suppliers - a combination that completely convinces us and our guests!

4. Regular breaks and exercise in the fresh air

It is important to take regular breaks even in the often stressful daily routine. Getting up, going outside for a short while and taking a deep breath refreshes the body cells and brings new energy. Gentle exercise in the fresh air also relaxes the musculoskeletal system and - especially for those who work at a PC - the eyes. Circling the arms loosens the shoulder and neck area and conscious movements of the joints do good. Always recommended: an invigorating power walk in nature. Regardless of the weather, this provides new energy and pure well-being!

5. Mental hygiene and good sleep

Good sleep is the basis for performance and well-being.

Our five tips for relaxed sleep:

  • No TV, smartphone or artificial light for at least 30 minutes before going to bed.
  • Ventilate well shortly before going to bed
  • Postpone or completely cancel "heavy" stories such as thrillers on TV or in books.
  • The scent of lavender, roses and swiss stone pine soothe the body and relax you
  • Ritual of thanksgiving - before going to sleep, bless five things for which you are grateful and think of the best holiday moments you have already experienced.

The next holiday in the mountains is sure to come. Oberlech is a place of strength - a place where you can regenerate and find new strength. Experience an unforgettable summer in the Alps with us. We look forward to seeing you!

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