Healthy through the autumn

love | 10/13/2023

Fine on the mountain & tips for a feel-good time at home

Autumn is just around the corner. This is a very special time in the mountains. Nature is in a state of flux - where green leaves glistened in the sun in recent months, shades of red and gold will soon be shining in the pleasant sunshine. For many people, the coming weeks are a challenge - an occasion for us to provide some tips on how this time can become a time of well-being. Plenty of fresh air can already ensure relaxed days and a good mood!

Autumn on the Goldenen Berg

The Goldener Berg seems to shine even brighter in autumn. The mountain air is crystal clear, nature becomes even more intense and the surrounding peaks create a majestic setting. Numerous activities are highly recommended, especially now - and so nothing stands in the way of an extensive long-distance hike with solitary summit ascents. 

When the days get shorter and the distant view becomes even clearer, the large sun terrace becomes the chosen yoga hotspot. Feel yourself - as part of the whole, embedded in the beautiful nature - follow your own rhythm, celebrate life. Gladly accompanied by our coaches and yoginis. 

And in addition? There are soothing wellness sessions in the spa area, various treatments and massages, and a culinary experience that is second to none. Healthy does not exclude pleasure - who has once tasted, is forever in love. 

Read more about the rooms and suites in the Goldenen Berg HERE. 4-star superior luxury for total relaxation!

Tips for at home - how to make autumn a time of well-being. 

But there are also things you can do at home to enjoy autumn to the fullest. The days are getting shorter - and cozier - and the nights longer. Change, retreat, say goodbye and welcome home. Here are some tips to help you get through fall fit, healthy and happy: 

  • Enjoy the fresh air! No matter what the weather - take a leisurely walk in nature. The fresh air is good for your body, mind and soul, and observing the flora and fauna has a calming and relaxing effect. Who decides what is "good" weather and what is not? How beautiful can a rainy day be - when you are well wrapped up dancing through the raindrops? Buy yourself rubber boots and jump into rain puddles - how much joy does it bring when you invite your own aliveness back into life more? 
  • Well-being food for body, mind and soul. Listen to your body! Feel-good food can be a hot chestnut soup, a warming gruel - or even a piece of chocolate. Consciously devote yourself to your own needs and enjoy hot drinks, small snacks and nourishing meals to the fullest!
  • Surrender & Permission. Be in permission for yourself and enjoy the different qualities of time. Want more light on a long autumn evening? Then get a beautiful candle and light it. Real beeswax candles provide coziness and a subtle sense of well-being with their glow. 
  • Make a list. When you're in a good mood and vigorously enjoying life, sit down for a moment and make a list of things you enjoy doing that bring you joy. On days or moments when it seems hard, look through that list and choose one of the activities that brings you back into your power.

Offers for pure relaxation in the mountains - gladly also with dog! 

The one does not exclude the other, of course. Enjoy the autumn at home and go - depending on your mood - to the mountains. Here you will find our most popular autumn offers, gladly also with dog! 


Look forward to a wonderful time in the mountains. See you soon in Vorarlberg!