Hiking in the mountains - A connection to earth, a connection to ourselves

sweets | 07/30/2020


The possibility to follow your own rhythm.
The connection to nature and to ourselves - experience with all senses.

Set off - on your very personal path through the beautiful mountains in Oberlech. You will be surprised what you will discover along the way - and in ourselves! Hiking around Hotel Goldener Berg - means 350 kilometers of hiking trails, a wide range of difficulty levels and summit victories. But hiking is much more.

Our favourite tip for hiking holidays in Oberlech & a great opportunity

We would like to introduce you to our personal "favourite hiking tour". The hike lasts about 1.5 hours and provides exercise in the fresh air and a clear head.

Start: Top station Petersbodenlift

Course: The circular hiking trail leads over the Grubenalpe through the breathtaking nature reserve. Along the route, different species of orchids and more than 1.000 dolines (the largest with a diameter of about 100 metres) give the route something magical.

The region offers more than 350 kilometres of hiking trails with descriptions, times, recommendations and precise signs everywhere. Here you can read more about hiking trails in Oberlech.

But there is also another way to experience the region - at your own rhythm and completely open to wonders on the way and in ourselves.

We live in a society that is determined by dates. It offers a certain degree of security, but leaves small space for intuitive behaviour and for the involvement of our inner voice.

Many people are accompanied by this behaviour in their leisure time and on holiday. If you feel comfortable with this, keep it up. But if you hear a soft voice for a more intimate connection to yourself and to nature, just try something different.

Our tip: Experience nature with your senses & go your own way

In the following you will find some inspiration on how to organise your holidays. Away from "I want to climb the highest peak" to "I want to get a little closer to myself today".

  1. Use the early morning
    The magic on the mountains in the morning is really incredible. The mountain peaks are in a golden light, the silence fills body, mind and soul. Try this energy you can feel early in the morning alone on the mountain.
  2. Barefoot through the woods
    If you are not used to walking barefoot, the best is to start with short parts without shoes. Through our feet we can absorb the beneficial energy of Mother Earth especially well. To consciously earth ourselves, stop again and again and feel it inside - Mother Earth absorbs energy for us and neutralizes it. Furthermore, she gives power and strength - to all who would like to accept these gifts.
  3. No way is the goal
    Walk at your own pace. Follow your intuition. Stop at streams, walk along paths that appear before you. Use your days off to go out into nature without any time pressure. Eat when you get hungry. Drink when you are thirsty. Take a break at a beautiful mountain spring and observe the nature around you.

How does it feel to be part of nature - part of the big picture?

What do you SEE?
What do you HEAR?
What do you FEEL?
What do you SMELL?
What do you TASTE?

If plants and herbs catch your eye along the way, stop for a few moments and immerse yourself in their beauty. Relax with the feeling of "NOTHING TO DO".

The more you take a conscious time out, the easier it will be at some point to go into this energy of relaxation. Spent hours on the mountains give us more strength - we draw from them in our everyday live.

Take a break - and experience the alpine nature around Goldener Berg with all your senses.

We are looking forward to welcome you!


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