It stands, it shines - The Old Golden Mountain - for nearly 600 years

love | 11/18/2021

The Old Golden Mountain in a new era

In winter, the Old Golden Mountain is a popular restaurant with locals and guests alike. The ambience, in which the best of national and international cuisine is served, stands for itself. The cosy parlours are reminiscent of a bygone era. You immerse yourself in the good old days. And become part of the almost 600-year-old history. A visit is impressive - in addition to the lovingly restored parlours, the menus from the kitchen ensure unforgettable enjoyment.

In summer, it opens its doors for special parties and celebrations. Weddings at an altitude of over 1,700 metres, birthday parties in a unique atmosphere and unforgettable celebrations in the company of loved ones can all take place here. The team at the "Golden Mountain" will be happy to advise you on individual procedures and wonderful details that will make your celebration even more impressive.

Of course, your wishes come first with us. We advise, make suggestions and share our experience with you. You can sit back, choose from the most beautiful offers and concentrate on the essentials.

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Become a part of this almost 600 year old history and fill another page in the
fill another page in the book of life of the "Old Golden Mountain" together with us.

1432. A number beyond our imagination. And yet such an important one for us. 1432, a time when Christopher Columbus was not even born. Since 1432, the "Old Golden Mountain" has been standing, enthroned and shining in its place. It has always been a place of encounters. It has seen countless people come and go. It is still home, a place of longing and a place of power at the same time. Its magic captivates people. Its dignity is a source of wonder. Like an old gentleman, it shares its infinite wisdom with all who are willing to listen to it.

Almost 600 years have passed since it was first mentioned in a document. In the meantime, the Old Golden Mountain presents itself as a traditional farmhouse that is ideal for anyone looking for something special. Getting married in a place so steeped in history is just as unique as celebrating festivals and festivities from everyday life there.

What happened in Oberlech in previous centuries can only be guessed at. There is evidence that tourists travelled to the idyllic mountain village in the early 20th century. The construction of a material cableway in 1929 was an important milestone - soon the houses in Oberlech had electric light, running water and central heating. In 1947, the construction of a mountain railway began. Since then, there has been constant investment, planning, progress and work.

Today Oberlech, which lies at an altitude of just under 1,700 metres, is a world-famous holiday destination. People from near and far come in summer and winter to experience the unique natural beauty. Hostess Daniela Pfefferkorn tends to this place with full passion, as is the tradition in her family. She combines the strong tradition with her cosmopolitanism and fine sense for the future and thus manages to preserve the old and let the new emerge. A symbiosis of home and hospitality, roots and wings.