Good Vibes Only from Daniela Pfefferkorn

- happiness - | 02/20/2024

Once upon a time

Once upon a time, there was a girl who travelled the world with her boyfriend after finishing school. They had already travelled to and lived in several countries when they came to Hawaii. A family friend of the boyfriend picked the globetrotters up from the airport in Honolulu and put them up with the family's elderly mother. She had a bungalow right by the sea in Waikiki. 

The old lady was very clear and direct, always said what she was thinking and sometimes said strange things to the girl's ears. Nevertheless, she immediately vacated her own bedroom to accommodate the young people. The boyfriend had been homesick for so long that he was now leaving. But the girl wanted to stay. She found a job as an au pair and housekeeper and was now able to move in with the family and give the old lady her kingdom back. However, she regularly visited the old lady who had taken her in at the start. She taught her a lot about life in a very simple way - she let her participate in her life. The old lady kept telling the girl what a great person she was. The girl was very surprised at what the old lady was saying. But more and more her words penetrated the girl's heart and she began to open up.

This was the start of the girl's real life. She began to read and study and wanted to know and find out. This journey was to continue throughout her life. Even today, she often thinks with deep gratitude of the old lady who had opened the door to her own truth and her true BEING.

That girl was me and Rosalie Loomis was my pioneer. I am often lovingly connected with her. She is a great incentive for me to do the same and to let people see the divine core within them.