Our bunch of herbs

sweets | 08/13/2019

Traditional, lovingly interpreted in the Goldener Berg

We love beautiful traditions. Old customs from the region have something earthy about them - something that accompanies us for decades. And it always changes over time.

The 15th of August is the "Maria Himmelfahrt" on this day the consecration of herbs is celebrated in many regions of Austria. What a beautiful thought to pay tribute to the alpine plants and their healing effects - and to express a quiet "thank you". This act of esteem goes back to the time of the Celts and the Germans - herbs and plants were generally important components of their ceremonies and rituals.

Herbal bushes, which are bound and consecrated on 15 August, are said special healing powers. The different religions and beliefs dictate different herbs - we collect the herbs that show themselves to us on this day. It is important that the plants are harvested and used with gratitude and care.

There are different approaches or meanings with regars to the number of herbs to be used. Mystical Numbers in the Roman Catholic tradition: We can answer this question without hesitation with YES!

7: Number of creation days

9 (3 x 3): number of Holy Trinity

12: Number of apostles

14: Number of emergency helpers

24 (2x 12): twelve tribes of Israel from the Old Testament and twelve apostles of Christ from the New Testament

72 (6 x 12): Number of disciples of Jesus

99 (33 x 3): Three as a symbol of the Trinity

And so it is decided from how many herbs the herb bushes are to develop.
Which meaning is ascribed is also different. Here are some beautiful examples:

King candle: it is often the heart of the bush and stands for power, strength and protection
Rose: stands for the St. Mary and gives protection
Chamomile: stands for prosperity, wisdom and success
St. John's wort and marigold: stands for luck and love
Yarrow, lavender and lady's mantle: symbolize peace

Other gifts of nature are available for:

Juniper, birch, lavender: defense against evil
Ash, Linde: a good marriage
Apple, oak, hazel, mistletoe: stand for good fertility
Birch, mistletoe, fig, lime tree: symbolize happiness

We combine this beautiful custom with an attentive, slow walk. We collect herbs and plants in nature and see what we would like to see in our natural bouquet this year. Thankfully, we admire the beautiful, powerful result and hang it up to dry.

Throughout the year we will be accompanied by the various plants with their diverse fields of application - we wish you

A break in the Goldener Berg
A walk in crystal clear mountain air, a sunset in a breathtaking scenery. Take a break – you’ve earned it!