Our wine cellar with a thousand little secrets

love | 04/19/2019

"Those who can enjoy no longer drink wine, but taste secrets."

Salvador Dali, 1904-1989

And they’re secrets from all over the world. Do you rave about the radiant feeling of life amidst the purple lavender fields of Provence? Do you also rely on regionality when it comes to drinking pleasure? Serve us your glass and taste the little treasures of each desired region. Our wine cellar unites exclusive wine region from all over the world. Feel the wine with all your sense – with your eyes, nose, tongue and palate – and let yourself be replenished with your favourites.

A total of 1.250 wines in around 18.000 bottles are stored in our wine cellar. To taste them all, you would have to come to the Golden Mountain quite often. That is why we are happy to advise you so that every glass becomes a full-bodied hit. As a member of the first Austrian Sommelier Club of Sommellerie, it is important to us to promote the wine culture and to preserve the upscale table culture. In seminares and on wine trips, our sommeliers deepen their knowledge, only open the bottle when the wine is ready to drink and like to reach for new creations.

Can I get you an aperitif? Start the evening with a glass of Prosecco. Do you often choose trout or zander for the main course, do you love asparagus or do you like smoked salmon as an appetizer? Hundreds of white wines accompany these light dishes, above all the classics of the Austrian wine-growing regions such as Grüner Veltiner or Riesling. Not necessarily to the meal, but as harmonious conclusion afterwards, stores with us in the wine cellar a yellow Muskateller. Fine white wines from South Tyrol or France are served with white meat as well as with a cheese buffet.

Full-bodied red wine meets the palate. In our wine cellar, where wood, stone and glass blend aesthically, you can fully immerse yourself in the taste of the noble red. Strong red wines with game, duck or tender organic steaks are a good accompaniment to your meal. Wheter you prefer Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch, Blaue Burgund, Merlot or another speciality from our wine cellars, we will be happy to find out together with you.

The Barolo from Piedmont or the Rioja, famous for Spain, give rise to a Mediterranean feeling. Whether with lamb or vegetarian paste dishes, the red is a welcome accompaniment. Your wine tasting will truly become a trip around the world when you finally land with the drops from Chile, the USA or Australia. Ultimately, of course, you decide what ends up in your glass. We are also happy to surprise you with  previously unknown flavours.

Dive into the Arlberg mountains during the day and watch the sun disappear behind the hilltop with a glass of wine on the terrace in the evening. Enjoying from morning till night, bliss for body and soul – this is your holiday in the Hotel Goldener Berg.

We are looking forward to your inquiry.

Finely seasoned cream soups, tender slices of saddle of veal than can be cut like butter, fresh salad from the garden and seasonal fruits on the dessert plate. Our restaurants are the heart of heavenly feasts. Only the best wine is allowed in the glass. Our restaurants are the heart of heavenly feasts. Only the best wine is allowed in the glass. Accompany us in our wine cellar – and find your very own personal fine wine.