Plant Based Cuisine - Healthy pleasure at Goldener Berg

love | 09/21/2021

In addition to classics from Austrian as well as international cuisine, vegan, vegetarian, alkaline and ketogenic dishes are served at the Goldener Berg. Healthy forms of nutrition that deserve a closer look:

Basic natural cuisine

The alkaline meals consist of organic vegetables, mountain herbs, organic salads, sprouts, potatoes and fruit from the region. The products are sourced from the immediate surroundings. The alkaline diet helps to deacidify the body and strengthen the immune system. Oberlech is known worldwide for its diverse mountain herbs. The plants are wonderfully healthy in their active ingredients and taste delicious. In addition to nutrition, alkaline baths, salt compresses and drinking alkaline salt can support the cleansing of the body. Take a look at our wellness offers

Vegan nutrition

Vegan nutrition is said to have an inflammation-reducing effect and has long since been adopted by top athletes. The ethical aspect of veganism joins the health benefits of vegan nutrition and makes this form increasingly popular with health-conscious people. Doing without any animal products increases well-being and makes a big contribution to environmental protection. An important aspect of this type of diet is the addition of proteins. We are happy to support you during your time at the Golden Mountain in switching to a plant-based diet. You will be surprised by the variety of vegan delights!

Ketogenic "Low Carb"

This form of nutrition focuses on the almost complete avoidance of sugar and carbohydrates. Good fats and oils are essential components of this diet. The aim is to bring the body into a state of ketosis. Often "low carb" is associated with high-quality meat and animal products. At Goldener Berg, we source the food we process from local farmers. For us, it is very important that the animals live in nature and are slaughtered without stress. If you make the conscious decision to eat meat and animal products, then the choice of sources and therefore the support of responsible forms of farming is an absolute must.

Get involved in the "adventure" of a plant-based diet. After only a short time, you will notice significant improvements in your health and well-being. You will also be amazed at the variety and taste sensations of these diets!

All the best & see you soon!

Numerous scientists and nutrition experts worldwide agree - a balanced diet based mainly on plants is healthy and makes you happy. We at the Golden Mountain have always been concerned with the topic of "healthy nutrition" and offer our guests a wide range of menus for a maximum feeling of well-being and enjoyment. We are happy to take our guests' individual ideas into consideration and use only high-quality products from the region for the different dishes and diets. In addition to Marion Grillparzer's Glyx diet, vegan menus are also on the menu, as are vegetarian, ketogenic, vegan and basic menus. Today we would like to introduce you to our approach to plant-based cuisine. A healthy treat that tastes good!

"Creative, authentic Alps-Adriatic cuisine emphasising its own taste that underlines the "Holistic Selfcare" and "Bohemian" lifestyle and is brought to the highest culinary level."
- says chef Oliver Fleisch