Something magically new is being created on the Goldener Berg ...

dream | 04/09/2024

More space for personal space

Space instead of time as a dimension. When we occupy our true space - feel into the essence of who we are - we arrive at home. Even 1,700 metres above sea level, surrounded by majestic mountain peaks and impressive, pure and genuine nature. As on the inside, so on the outside, which is why we are also breaking new ground in the Goldener Berg. We love change and letting ourselves be led. Now is the time for something new. And that's why we use spring to realise new (feel-good) dreams. You can look forward to seeing what awaits our guests from summer 2024. You can get a brief foretaste in the latest blog article.

New in the spa area

The view of the mountains. Do something good for your body while your mind enjoys the peace and quiet and your soul can travel. In a space of safety and well-being. Surrounded by the imposing peaks, you will find peace. A deep connection to nature, rooted in the earth, savouring the purifying water. People have always loved this space to relax. Soon there will be even more to discover. Our plans are big and the realisation has already begun.

  • more space and view in the sauna area - to spread out, feel good, enjoy
  • new relaxation areas 
  • new outdoor pool with integrated whirlpool - for endless enjoyment in the open air
  • extended fitness and yoga area - for invigorating physical pleasures
  • an additional room for coaching sessions, treatments and energy medicine - let our guides support you
  • larger fitness area
  • large yoga zone
  • new reception in the spa

You can already get an overview here. The current visualisations:

The panorama restaurant in new glamour

The popular panorama restaurant lives up to the promise of its name. The best on a plate - within reach. The future combination of restaurant and space for retreats, large workshops, meditations, teachings, weddings and much more has been on our minds for a long time and can now finally be realised.

Pleasure has so many faces. Here at the Goldener Berg, there will soon be a few more!

In addition to the changes in the wellness area and restaurant, the chalet suites will be replaced by spa suites that invite you to linger. With a private sauna, daybed and infrared light in the specially designed bathrooms, the new living categories invite you to enjoy unforgettable holiday moments in the mountains.

Self-care in the Goldener Berg - the mountain summer is calling

Curious? See for yourself. HERE you will find our most popular summer offers and all information about summer holidays in Oberlech. A place that has always cast a spell over people. In love with nature, plenty of time for yourself. Self-care at its finest. At your own pace, accompanied by attentive people if you wish.

We look forward to seeing you!