Start the day mindfully - Golden Moments

peace | 08/18/2023

Off to a new day at the Golden Berg

At the Golden Berg, the clocks tick differently. Not one appointment chases the next - but the question "What do I and my body want right now?". We focus on mindfulness and relaxation. Start the day in your own rhythm, experience the mountains with all your senses. In this year's blog article you will find some inspiration on how to integrate more mindfulness into your start of the day. Gladly exactly as you like!

A silent walk on the mountain

A special way to start the day is a silent walk. The early morning hours are perfect for strolling through the countryside at a quiet pace. People used to say that the veil to the Otherworld is especially permeable in the morning and evening. It is a blessing to immerse yourself in this liveliness in silence and tranquility. 

From the Golden Berg you can easily start one of the exploratory walks. Do not plan a route. Let yourself be guided - and inspired! 

We love to do these walks in complete silence. From the time you wake up to the time you put on your walking shoes to the time you leave the house (and, of course, during the walk), we don't talk. Of course, this is also possible in company, if you agree beforehand. 

In this way, the senses and attention are with nature and oneself - one has the opportunity to dive deeply into the now and recharge one's batteries for the day ahead. Conscious breathing and slow walking additionally intensify the perceptions of the young day.

Mountain yoga in the morning 

Around the Golden Berg you also have the opportunity to practice yoga. Whether with a yoga instructor from the hotel or alone - starting the day in the face of the mountains fills body, mind and soul with joy and tranquility. 

Depending on the weather, the yoga mat can be taken to the large sun terrace or directly into nature - and off you go with the gentle full-body workout. Listen to your body and move as it feels good at that moment. After just a few minutes, you'll notice that you become more flexible and gentle. 

Our tip for the morning yoga session: The sun salutation activates the body and the mind and is ideal as a start to the day.

Breakfast à la Goldener Berg 

After active exercise sessions and a refreshing shower, people sit down at the lovingly laid breakfast table in the Golden Berg. But of course, people who prefer to sleep late rather than walk long are also welcome. Served are regional products from the best origin and in the highest quality. We love to consider the most diverse diets and offer different delicacies for everyone. Raw vegetables and fruit are charmingly draped, warm porridge is freshly prepared, bread and pastries come in a variety of forms, and teas are available as well as coffee, juices, smoothies, and invigorating water. Vegan and vegetarian options are a matter of course for us!