The Goldener Berg – In a new light


Summer 2018 marks a time of change. It feels wonderful, vibrant, and light.

We live, are creative, and perceive changes with all our senses. We also look forward to the time that is to come, a time full of ideas, work, results, and new encounters.

One of the most important foundations of our work is regionality. Here at the Goldener Berg we are very aware of our wonderful surroundings and endeavour to use materials and products that we can source from the locality. The Arlberg region is certainly something special, and the opportunity of sourcing from local suppliers is something we don't take for granted.

What our plans include:

Our extended philosophy – life is beautiful!

Gold represents the sun, its rays, heat, light, and simply being. It is our connection with the ethereal. Gold is something that is attractive to many people. It also amazes us, as does the Goldener Berg and its new appearance. We consciously direct ourselves towards the sun, and indulge in lightness. From December, the Goldener Berg will be under the star of Bohemian style.

A new face – thermo-cleaned

The exterior of the hotel is cloaked with light coloured wood from the region. This natural substance has been a trusted companion of mankind for thousands of years and is the environmentally friendly material.
For reasons of sustainability, we decided upon using the new method of thermo-cleaning.

Uninterrupted moments of happiness

The majority of our rooms have a private balcony.

Loft suites

Lots of room for happiness in our brand new loft suites where everything's bigger, lighter, and roomier.

The view of the mountains

Our staircase is being fitted with a large glass window, letting natural light flood in from next winter. The view of the surrounding mountains has a decelerating, earthing effect, helping you relax into your dreams.

The building improvements are a new milestone in our history. It is really exciting, sometimes demanding, but always stimulating. The past is evident, the future is in the air. Walls from the 1930s have been excavated, and the powers of past generations accompany us in what we are doing.

Completion is planned for December 2018. Visit us at the Goldener Berg and make the new environment the backdrop for your next holiday memories.

We look forward to your visit!