The power of a smile

sweets | 08/20/2018

A smile relaxes, and when we smile we feel good, we smile our pain away, when we smile we are confident and things are just better. When we smile, we have the feeling of being at ease with everything. That is the power of a smile.

Those who laugh longer live longer. There is some truth in that, and why? Because when laughing, the brain releases endorphins. This release of endorphins is a component of all positive states of emotion, and numbs our brains if we suffer pain.

That's not all! When we laugh, our body produces less stress hormone, and more dopamine, a substance that is linked to many positive emotions.

"Every smile you give always comes back" – Indian proverb

There is scarcely a gesture that has as much influence on people as a smile. It brings people together, makes them feel happy, and imbibes positive energy. It is what holds people together and makes us more attractive.

Someone who smiles radiates a more pleasant demeanour than someone who doesn't smile. We project an image of ourselves that conveys security and appreciation and invites others to approach. We can create a better version of ourselves that is shared by others, and produces a smile in them too.

Laugh at negative energies!

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