Updates on the conversion at Goldener Berg

sweets | 04/26/2024

We work our magic for you!

As you may have already heard, we are in the process of putting new plans into action and making visions visible. From summer 2024, you can expect a lot of new things here at Goldener Berg. The current spring will be characterized by challenges, solutions, discussions and manual work. But also - as is typical for this time of year - full of anticipation, zest for action and change. Here you can keep up to date with construction progress, renovation stories and the people and work behind this transformation.

If you would like to be one of the first guests to experience the new features at first hand, reserve your personal favorite room in summer now and look forward to new rooms and even more enjoyment.

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Update 25.04.2024

Just like our own deep, inner processes, our new building also begins with the demolition of the old. A demolition. We let go - sometimes archaically, sometimes very carefully - of what can now be removed. A brief (or longer) look at it, weighing it up.

And then - always opting for the new. Moving forward. Grateful for the past, looking joyfully to the future.

The demolition in the wellness area is in full swing. The men are working hand in hand and things are progressing quickly. Winter has returned to the Arlberg - the fresh snow doesn't exactly make the organization any easier, but you can deal with snow when you live at over 1,700 metres. We hammer, saw, mill and cut. We are making progress!

Update 10.05.2024

We are making progress! Although planning and construction phases are notoriously full of surprises, we are currently right on schedule. It is a great pleasure to make the changes visible. Integrating the new. We are grateful for the different people who are working on our project with energy and commitment. 

Host Daniela Pfefferkorn reports: 

„The demolition in the spa and technical area is complete and the tunnels have also been cleared.
The chalet is currently being partially demolished.
The pool is being excavated and then reconstruction will begin.
We are well on schedule.
As it's a rebuild, there are surprises every day and things have to be changed - but we're used to that.
All the companies are working very professionally and at full speed on our redesign.

Even away from the construction site, all signs point to summer. Our teams are creating new recipes, decorating the existing areas and are there for our guests by phone and email, full of anticipation. We love this vibrancy at the Goldener Berg. Everyone in their own place, all bringing individual strengths to the team. You can look forward to it - this summer will be particularly wonderful!