Mountainlove -Tips for a short break from everyday life

| 01/06/2022

Relaxing completely on holiday is particularly easy in Oberlech, at over 1,700 meters above sea level. Stand above things - pause - and enjoy. So close to heaven. The winter paradise around the Goldener Berg is like a different world - just as we know it from wonderful winter fairy tales. The quiet landscape is covered in snow and glittering, and in the hotel you can be pampered according to every trick in the book. But today we would like to write about something else. How do we manage that we can always take small, enjoyable and relaxing breaks in everyday life? How can we recharge our batteries and be deeply connected to the earth - between hectic everyday life, professional and private life? As a start into the new year, we reveal five tips for relaxing breaks.

Five tips for a relaxing time out in nature


1. Enjoy winter with all your senses

Yes, it's snowing outside. But how does that feel? How do snowflakes taste? For our first tip, dress warmly and look for a quiet place in nature. What does it sound like when snow falls from the trees? How do snow-covered trees smell? How do snowflakes feel on your face? Open your heart to winter and take 15 minutes to just watch. And to feel, hear, smell and taste.

2. Connect with mother nature

For our second tip, put on warm clothes and go out into the fresh air. Regardless of the weather - winter air is good for you! Take a slow walk to a favorite place you know and stand with both feet firmly on the ground. Feel how you connect with nature. Close your eyes and imagine how strong roots grow from your feet into the ground. The strands lead to the center of the earth - to the hot, red core of the earth. Feel the connection and the power that the planet gives us. Let this strength flow into every cell of your body and feel the pulsation in your heart. You can then say goodbye gratefully - and enjoy the way home.

3. Fresh-air-Yoga

Yoga combines a deep spiritual attitude towards life with pleasant movement for the body. Those who practice yoga regularly keep their body and mind fit. We love to swap the warm gymnastics rooms with crystal clear mountain air and love to enjoy our yoga units in the fresh mounatin air. To do this, we put on warm clothes, pack a wonderful thermos flask of tea in the sports bag and go out into nature. Our large sun terrace is also perfect for soaking up the sun's rays while practicing yoga. How about inviting the winter sun into our hearts with the sun salutation? Enjoy the break for body, mind and soul.

4. Silent walk

Yes, a walk through nature is wonderful. We often take this as an opportunity to stay with ourselves and go into silence. It is really unbelievable what world opens up to you when you stroll carefully through the quiet forests. The birds dance in the sky, innumerable tracks lead through the fresh snow, the stones sleep under the thick blanket of snow and the trees watch the wonderful spectacle. A walk in conscious silence - I recommend it from the bottom of my heart!

5. Mirror in my hand

We love natural beauties! They especially like to show themselves on a walk in the forest - with mirrors! Pack a small pocket mirror for your next trip and look for a quiet spot in the forest. Now explore nature with your mirror. Have you ever seen pine needles from below? Can you see a fern on the underside? How tangled can roots appear when we look at them from a different angle? Welcome to a magical natural world that you are guaranteed not to have seen before!

Take some relaxing breaks. You will see that work and everyday life will be easier again afterwards. After all, work colleagues, supervisors and the whole family are happy when you are there for them in a good mood and relaxed.

If you are in the mood for a longer break in the mountains, we recommend our “Winter Yoga and Meditation” package. You will love it!

All the best from the Golden Mountain!