Hiking on Arlberg

sweets | 07/12/2019

To be free.

In all of us lies an adventure. A free spirit. Someone who pays attention to his own rhythm and not to his diary. Someone who’d rahte listen to the birds than the daily news. Someone who wants to feel the nature with all his senses and who goes on his own discovery tour through the beautiful creation. Free, easy and wild.

Let this inner voice take command – at least for a short, wonderful time.

Hiking on Arlberg

The Arlberg has always been a popular hiking area. Those who love the mountains feel particularly at home in Oberlech. The Golden Mountain offers a wide variety of tours through the alpine landscape. Comfortable walks are offered as well as challenging long distance hikes to the highest peaks of the region. Especially in the summer months, which are getting hotter and hotter, the pleasant temperatures on the mountain are a blessing for body and soul!

The hike to the gypsum holes

Hiking tours around the Golden Mountain – our favourite tour

A total of 350 km of hiking trail of varying degrees of difficulty await you at the Arlberg. Sometimes we feel like something short and cosy. And sometimes we want to power ourselves out by ever trick in the book. There’s always a tour:

Start: Mountain station Petersbodenlift

History: The well signposted circular hiking trails leads over the Grubenalpe and through the gypsum holes in the nature reserve. Over 1000 dolines (the largest with a diameter of about 100 meters) are a real peculiarity. In addition, 20 differebt species of orchids bloom along the route – the fauna is magical!

The tour lasts about 1,5 hours – perfect for between!

Hiking holidays in the Golden Mountain – the facts:

350 km of hiking trails in the mountain

54 km Nordic Walking tours around the Golden Mountain

Vita Parcours Run with 12 practice stations for active nature lovers

Countless mountain streams and lakes to cool down

Modern alpine roome for regeneration and enjoyment

Wellness area  “Alpin Spa” with water from the mountain spring and natural treatments and care products

Hiking – knowhow and exclusive tips from the host

And much more

Hiking with the dog

The natural water resource in the whole area and the cooler temperaturesensure a relaxed hiking holiday for two- and four-legged friends. Host Daniela Pfefferkorn is an animal and human energizer and is available with advice and action. Embark on an adventure together!


“Walking is child's play. It is accessible to everyone - young, old, poor, rich, male, female. Every hiker creates his or her own personal style. Just go. The logo on the jacket is not decisive. Be open, become permeable to the influences of nature and landscape and not least to the inner voice. On the way, open the gates of perception as wide as possible. For the eye axes, scent fields, sound spaces in which one dives. Our senses, which atrophy in urban everyday life, sharpen again - that's what matters. Strains and the willingness to sometimes go to one's own limits are part of it. The essence of hiking is the experience of freedom: "I have sovereign space and time."

(Ulrich Grober, German journalist and author, *1949)

Let your inner child be a child of the mountains – here you will find the best offers around the topic of indulgence holidays in the Alps.