Wellness in our Alpine Spa

peace | 05/07/2019

Permanenter Stress kann dem Körper und der Psyche schaden. Deshalb nicht vergessen: genug Entspannungsphasen in den Alltag integrieren. Für den Stressabbau eignet sich körperliche Betätigung. Wandern, Rad fahren und einfaches Spazieren können dazu beitragen, wieder ein emotionales Gleichgewicht herzustellen. Ganz wichtig sind jedoch Erholungs- und Ruhepausen für den Körper. Und die gibt es in unserem Alpin Spa.

Our Alpine Spa

Before the stress becomes a burden, it is better to take a break at the Hotel Goldener Berg. Our Alpine Spa becomes the wellness centre. Move, relax, sweat – these are the three key words for your relaxing holiday.

Pool pleasures with panoramic view

Our pools are filled with warm water from the mountain spring. And while you are making your rounds in the indoor pool, you are right in the middle of the idyllic sea of peaks, because the large window front provides a captivating mountain panorama. Outside in the heated whirlpool it is the interplay of clear, often cool mountain air and warm water that helps you clear your head and sharpen your senses.


Sweating for health in our sauna area

Strengthen the immune system and thus arm yourself against colds. Stimulate the circulation and release feelings of happiness. All this happens while you sweat in the sauna and indulge in sweet idleness. Whether sauna lover or sauna refuser, in our Alpin Spa there is something for everyone:


  • Finnish Sauna: When it comes to perfect saunas, the Finns are the undisputed leaders. This is why the classic sauna with natural wood furnishings and temperatures of up to 100°C is still an effective way to strengthen your health and relax.
  • Biosauna: If you don’t like it that hot, you can sit down in our biosauna. The lower temperatures between 45-60°C are more tolerable for the circulation and are the ideal start for sauna beginners. Essential oils create a pleasant aroma even without a hot sauna infusion.
  • Steam bath: Do you prefer an even gentler sauna? At round 45°C and an enormously high humidity, you will start sweating in a steam bath. This can have a positive effect on tension, skin and respiratory organs.
  • Tepidarium: A pleasant, even radiant heat emanates from floors and walls, loungers and seats. At still very warm temperature around 37-39°C you can warm up and recharge your batteries.


Fitness power for a healthy and defined body

There are days when there is so much power in you that you don’t have enough even after an active day in nature. Then let’s go to the gym! Treadmill, bicycles, muscle training device and Galileo training device are available for your workout program. Whether you want to strengthen your endurance, train your biceps or start a short regeneration program, you can feel every single fibre of your body in the fitness room. You are also welcome to work on your fitness together with a personal trainer. And then it’s time to reward yourself with a swim in the pool or a relaxing massage on the lounger.

Your well-being is important to us. Therefore a fluffy bathrobe and slippers are ready in your room. Get in and enjoy – stress management hasn’t been that easy for a long time. See you soon at our Alpin Spa!