Wine enjoyment at the highest level

love | 11/10/2023

An unrivalled range of fine wines at the highest level

The noble beverage wine has played a major role at the Goldener Berg from the very beginning. We love to savour the flavours of the world, bundled in a wonderful glass of wine - and to enjoy them in the face of the mountains. We offer products from high-calibre winegrowers and innovative young winemakers. Genuine wine newcomers find their place in the large wine cellar as well as renowned vintage wines. Steeped in history, valuable, unique. Over 18,000 bottles and 1,800 different types of wine inspire us and our guests.

The golden wine cellar at over 1,700 metres above sea level 

For us, wine is pure pleasure. A glass in honour, a good drop in good company. We love smelling, tasting, philosophising and toasting together. To life, the mountains and the people. 1,800 different types of wine from the best wine-growing regions in the world to choose from. It goes without saying that we are happy to make personal recommendations. 

But there are also personal memories attached to the more than 18,000 bottles. We have visited many of the winegrowers in person, learnt about the vines and the production process and immersed ourselves in their philosophy. The enjoyment of a fine wine needs no words - and yet it speaks all the languages of the world. 

Come and visit us in our wine cellar at an altitude of over 1,700 metres. You will be amazed!

Arlberg Weinberg - 7 to 17 December 2023

From 7 to 17 December 2023, everything on the Arlberg will revolve around the theme of wine. Various events will take place in different locations. The star guests are - of course - wines from all over the world. The following events can be visited: 

  • Tasting Colheitas and Tawnys by the glass at the port wine bar 
  • Winemaker cinema & Big Bottle Party 
  • Winemaker dinner
  • Delicious ring
  • Best of Quinta do Noval 
  • Wachau over the course of time 
  • Specialist conference "Gentle pruning"
  • Old Vines" tasting 
  • Conference "Fortified Wines" 
  • Best Bottle Award: Fortified Wines 
  • Conference "International Fine Wine" 
  • Expert Tasting Austrian Fine Wine 
  • Tasting Austrian Sparkling Wines
  • Veggie Food & Vegan Wine 

HERE you will find all further information and a review of the event in 2022.

Pleasure offers for pleasure seekers 

Would you like to treat yourself to some time out on the Goldener Berg? Sitting in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine, finally reading your new favourite book, snuggled up in a fluffy bathrobe and watching the mountains? We have created the perfect offers for you. Take your pick: 



We look forward to seeing you!