Winter start à la Goldener Berg

| 11/08/2018

The time before Christmas is magical. It should glitter and be full of quiet moments of happiness. Moments that refresh the mind and warm the heart. Far away from X-Mas trash and artificial expectations, the magic of good old Advent lies in the mountain air. He pulls over the mountain peaks encased in white blankets, caresses people from all over the world and dances with mulled wine and hot chestnuts on the village square. In addition, after an intensive renovation phase in the summer of 2018, he makes the new face of the Goldener Berg even more glittery.

A feeling, as it used to be. When the world is in order, the loved ones are together and fireplaces crackle.

The Goldener Berg is - more than ever before - an alpine oasis of peace. A pause from the everyday life, the fog in the valley, the stress - which seems to be magically attracted just around Christmas.
Get on a journey. Your journey.

In Oberlech we are at over 1,700 meters altitude. Far above the fog line, the days are either full of sunshine and good mood or full of thick snowflakes and a pleasantly comforting coziness. Take a deep breath, a conscious break from everyday life refreshes body, mind and soul and gives new energy. The crystal-clear mountain air fills every cell and lets you feel the connection to alpine nature.

You design your days according to your wishes. You listen to your inner voice, consciously follow your own rhythm. We do everything to make you sleep well. The hotel is regularly energetically suppressed and is free of disturbing factors such as electrosmog. Various pillows and blankets can be chosen according to individual request. Try it - you will love it!

After the enjoyable breakfast in the “panorama” restaurant, many will be drawn to the peaks around the Goldener Berg. Great hiking trails lead through the region, and you are also in the middle of the largest ski area in Austria. It feels good to gently move the body and let the breathtaking scenery take over.

You will notice that nature is also preparing for Christmas and the New Year. The wildlife is calmer, everything has settled down under the ground. Before the plants put their heads up into the sky again with fresh strength.

Time and space to relax is in the spa area. Enjoy the sweet idleness, the treatments and the divine tranquility in a pleasant atmosphere.

In the evening we spoil you in the various restaurants. Choose your favorite place and enjoy the regional delicacies, new creations, healthy highlights, sweet temptations and favorite dishes.

If you slip into the soft duvets in the evening, let the day pass again consciously. There is far too little time to just FEEL GOOD. On the mountain, people feel wonderfully free. Detached from the sluggish everyday life.

At (pre) Christmas time everything seems a bit more enchanting. The snow-covered landscapes glitter a bit brighter, the moon is I little bit more golden, the environment is quieter, the air smells of biscuits.

And that's what we all wish for Christmas, isn’t it?