Winter-Yoga at the Goldenen Berg

freedom | 02/24/2023

Namaste at an altitude of over 1,700 meters 

There are different translations for the yoga greeting "Namaste". The meaning is the same. For us, "The divine in me greets the divine in you" resonates most beautifully. Seeing someone - and bowing to them. To that wonderful being, that special and unique person. Yoga is for us so much more than "just" the gentle whole body workout. Yoga is an attitude towards life and, for us at Golden Mountain, part of the holistic health concept. In addition to the healthy, varied and versatile diets, there are yoga sessions with different yoginis in crystal clear mountain air. Whether you have been practicing yoga for many years or would like to try it out - experience deeply relaxing and strengthening training sessions in a special setting.

Yoga in winter - yoga in the mountains 

This very special feeling of being on the mountain - facing the mountains - has always touched people. The majestic scenery that frames the Golden Mountain gives strength, power and constancy. A hint of the infinite feeling can be sensed, if one gets involved in the wisdom of these silent masters. And it is in this setting that the popular yoga sessions take place. Yoginis from all over the world meet at the Golden Mountain and lead the classes. People who, despite their different backgrounds, have one thing in common: a love and passion for the various asanas. 

The highlights at the Golden Mountain are the exclusive Stretch Yoga and the "5 Tibetans". 

  • Stretch Yoga at a glance: 
    The combination of asanas and stretching can improve posture and flexibility as well as relieve pain and strengthen the immune system.
  • "5 Tibetans" at a glance: 
    Exercises developed more than 2,500 years ago in India can lead to increased energy and calm. The focus is on improving health and well-being. 

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The Goldener Berg weekly program 

These and many other program points can be found in the current weekly program of the Golden Mountain. The concepts of the creation include the wishes and preferences of our guests and are shaped by different trainers, yoginis, coaches and companions. 

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We are looking forward to welcoming you soon. Perhaps also with a fine Namaste at the Golden Mountain.