YOGA RETREAT at Goldener Berg - The mountains in the heart, the body in flow

| 08/25/2020

Yoga is understood on one side as "becoming one with consciousness", on the other side as physical fitness. This interplay of different approaches makes yoga something very special for us. It connects - our western culture with the Indian origin, sportive motives with spiritual consciousness and people from all over the world, who practice the exercises in different ways.

We love to combine these energetic approaches with the "modern life" so we have created our "Yoga Retreat Offer" to accompany people on their way to more satisfaction. Our Yogis in residence pick up our guests at the point where they are standing - and set off together with them to the next step - or even the next exercise.

Yoga Retreat at Goldener Berg

Oberlech is a power place. This was measured in Bovis – but especially it’s written on the faces of the people who visit us. The majestic mountains radiate power, strength, tranquility and constancy. Energies, which our guests can use in their everyday life even after their vacation.

With our Yoga Retreat we want to create a space for our guests to relax and recharge their energy. The soul can shine, the spirit is free and the body is bursting with well-being.

Included services in the package:

  • 3, 4 or 7 nights in the room of your choice and all included services
  • ¾ pampering board
  • Private yoga units with our yogi in residence
  • My Lech Card
  • A varied programme, such as yoga classes in the morning and evening, lectures and talks with the coach, meditations, alpine bathing, guided hikes, walking the path of the senses, chanting and much more...
  • Yoga mat and meditation pillow, as well as fluffy feel-good bathrobe and slippers in the room

The different overnight stays have individual included services. Have a look at all offers with rates and more information:

Yoga Retreat - 3 nights

Yoga Retreat - 4 nights

Yoga Retreat - 7 nights

What do we need to be happy?

Sometimes we just need a day without stress.

Sometimes we need a trip to the countryside with the family.

Sometimes we need a wellness day for ourself.

Sometimes we want to laugh out loud, dance and sing.

Sometimes we want to read a book and sit in the sun.


And sometimes you have reached a point where you can't get further on your own. When you have walked too long on a path that does not fill your heart with joy. And this is exactly where our yogis can help. Yoga - a "sport" that uses a variety of physical exercises to relax and strengthen, but also offers a deeper access to oneself through breathing exercises and meditation.

Whether you want to stretch, relax and strengthen your body, or you are looking for a deeper connection to yourself - allow yourself a few days for your health! (The  offer is also perfect for friends or couples.)