let them come to life

The spring break will take a little longer in 2024, but for a good reason: 

We create new spaces to come even closer when it comes to meeting your needs for complete relaxation and holistic self-care.

A new outdoor pool with infinity frontside, an enlarged sauna area, new relaxation zones, an extended fitness and yoga space and an additional room for treatments, energy medicine and coaching sessions await you.

The panorama restaurant is going to be redesigned and transferred into a multifunctional room of experiences: a library for holistic selfcare, free space for retreats, workshops, selfcare, mediations, teachings, weddings and initial restaurant operations can all be combined here in future, depending on requirements.

A modern, harmonious space that embraces whatever joyful events take place.

Instead of our chalet suites, there will be space for two spa suites in future - with a private sauna, daybed and warm infrared light for recharging in the special baths. 

Be excited!

more generous - more varied - more relaxed

Experience the renaissance of relaxation

in our newly designed and extended premises

movement - meditation - selfcare

the new outdoor whirlpool with crystal-clear mountain spring water

Dip into

With a length of over 20 metres and a water surface of 3.5 to 6 metres wide, the new outdoor pool is ideal for swimming laps. Seats with gentle bubble massage are built into the wider round part of the pool, from which the mountain panorama can be enjoyed over a 6-metre wide infinity edge. The wind-protected and sunny pool terrace set into the slope is designed like an open mountain cave with panoramic views to the south.

lead to new horizons

New paths

Experience the renaissance of relaxation

in our newly designed and extended premises

- Buddah

"Relaxation is the secret of true happiness"