Our philosophy

Taking new paths is our motto...

In summer 2019, we started working again on my “Path of Being” (“Seins Pfad”) programme. The idea of bringing consciousness and mindfulness to everyday life at all levels.

We first defined our cornerstones with a company specialising in branding, as well as many very smart minds who supported me in this process and still do.

Sustainability in every detail

Mother Nature has always been close to my heart. The building has undergone complete thermal refurbishment and has been freed from radiation exposure, we buy organic and where possible also no plastic, we sleep on stone pine beds and in organic down bedding, drink reclaimed water and want to give the people who come to us something that they can take home with them and continue this path.

Your mountain self-care companion

We want to profoundly move people. We want to guide them through their holiday, giving them everything they need during this time. For this purpose, there are great therapists to support people here.

Alpine tradition meets boho lifestyle

We love the mountains and are proud of all the healing remedies that are right on our doorstep. We focus on this – our herbs, stone pine, healing currents etc. while being vibrant, cheerful and cosmopolitan at the same time. People with many languages, colours and points of view bring a lot of diversity to the house, which makes us happy.

Golden pleasure for all senses

Everything we offer should be good for our guests. Organic juice from local farmers, organic wine from organic farms, organic mattresses for a healthy as well as comfortable sleep. Best, sincere and personal service. Genuine hospitality which is deeply touching.

Casual and relaxed

Everything should be easy and cheerful. This is what we offer. You can take as much as you want – it's entirely up to the individual. Everyone should feel ease and joy, be it through yoga or vegetarian cuisine, through base fasting or climbing.

These are the pillars of our service. The Goldener Berg “energy mountain” – holistic self-care for conscious cosmopolitans.

From this we have now developed various wonderful programmes such as: bathing in the Alpine setting, listening to our hearts, tide hiking, coaches and yogis in residence and much more. We will start with some offers in summer 2020 and look forward to many interested guests and co-developers of our new programme!

Yours, Daniela Pfefferkorn