Mountain biking in the Alps

Fantastic peak experiences

Nothing is more satisfying for mountain bikers than the moment they reach the highest point of their tour, when efforts give way to a feeling of success. After biking through lush green meadows with the majestic mountains in front and a good portion of the route behind on one of the many hiking and mountain biking routes around the Oberlech region.

Bikeroutes around Lech

Below we have summarized some great bike routes in our region for you. Our team is happy to help you on site with tips and recommendations for your bike adventures.

Furthermore, we offer you all the amenities you need after a day out in nature. Simply relax in our comfortable rooms, enjoy culinary delights in our restaurant and recharge your batteries in our wellness area.



Experience an extended mountain bike tour through the breathtaking landscape around the Spullersee lake. Start your ride in Lech and ride to the toll station in Zug. From there, the route takes you along a paved road to Gasthof Älpele and then uphill to the dam wall of Lake Spullersee. Enjoy the view as you circle the lake before continuing uphill to the Ravensburger Hütte. From there, continue to the Alpe Brazer Staffel and finally to the Stierlochjoch. The ride through the serpentines of the Stierloch offers an exciting adventure before you head steeply downhill towards Zug and finally arrive at the fish pond. You will be rewarded with numerous refreshment stops on this tour. 

Hanno Mackowitz, mountainbike, Sommer

Mountain biking in the Alps - the Burgwald Trail

Biking for all

485 vertical metres and about 3 km long sounds like a considerable ride. And believe us, it really is. The so-called Burgwald Trail winds its way alongside the toboggan run from Oberlech down to Lech am Arlberg and demands something from both bike and biker. The route was planned with fun in mind for both mountain biking experts and intermediates alike. And if the bike trail itself isn’t enough, there are various extra features that have been installed along the route. If you want to take the easier route, then you can avoid these passages by following the “Easy Line”.

Bike and Hike

A combination of mountain biking and hiking

Combining the laid-back with the speedy - bike and hike - a combination that is becoming increasingly popular. Quick, carefree and close to nature, the (e-)bike takes you to great starting points for further hiking tours. 

Lech - Freiburger Hütte - Saladinaspitze

Bike & Hike

Extensive but rewarding - this is how the Bike & Hike summit tour to the Saladinaspitze presents itself. Physical fitness and experience are required! The route takes you by bike to Zug, towards Lake Formarin and on to the Freiburger Hütte. From there, the challenging trail leads through a green high valley, a wide rocky field and further along a narrow ridge up to the Saladinaspitze with a peak on 2,238m. Magnificent views as far as the Klostertal and the Montafon as well as a heart-shaped hole in the rock face reward the ascent.

Lech- Freiburgerhütte - Roggelskopf

Bike & Hike

The tour begins by bike in the direction of Zug, past Lake Formarinsee to the bike destination, the Freiburger Hütte. The route then continues on a footpath through alpine meadows along the Masonweg and follows the ridge below the Gwurfjoch. Cross a gravel field until you reach the foot of the mountain. From there, a steep ascent leads to the summit, with some easy climbing sections, some of which are equipped with rope protection. It is important to be sure-footed and not afraid of heights - the company of a mountain guide is recommended!

Lech - Formarinalpe - around the Formaletsch

Bike & Hike

The cycle tour begins in the picturesque Zugertal valley and continues along the asphalt road past the Älpele tavern to the turn-off towards Formarinalpe. Shortly after the famous ibex sculpture at the start of the Lechweg trail, park your bike and continue your journey on foot. The path leads you to the Stony Sea, where you can discover numerous fossils such as ammonites. For those who enjoy climbing peaks, a short detour to the Formaletsch is worthwhile. The winding path leads up to the 2,292-metre-high panoramic mountain. The path on the eastern shore of the lake requires a sure foot, a head for heights and good footwear. With smaller children, it is better to use the wider gravel path.

- Through forests, over mountains and along rivers - every moment in nature is a gift that we should welcome with open arms! -

Please note:

  1. Disclaimer: You undertake bike and mountain tours at your own risk. Bike and mountain tours are at your own risk. Our hotel accepts no liability for accidents, injuries or losses during mountain activities.

  2. Health and fitness requirements: Please note that mountain tours can be physically demanding. Your should have a sufficient level of fitness and take into account any health restrictions.

  3. Recommendation of a mountain guide: For inexperienced bikers and hikers or difficult mountain tours, we recommend being accompanied by an experienced mountain guide. This increases safety and provides expert guidance.

  4. Weather conditions: Weather conditions in the mountains can change quickly. Find out about the latest weather forecasts before the tour and adjust your planning accordingly.

  5. Emergency equipment and contacts: Please always carry an emergency kit with you on mountain tours, including a first aid kit, cell phone and drinking water. Emergency contacts and the nearest rescue center should be known.

  6. Respect for nature and the environment: We ask our guests to respect nature and the environment. Please stay on marked paths, take your garbage with you and observe the local environmental protection regulations.

  7. Current information: The descriptions and route suggestions on our website are based on current information (as of 2024) However, please note that local conditions may change any time. 

To relax afterwards

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