Paragliding in the Arlberg region

At the same height as the mountain peaks

A guaranteed high: flying beneath a paraglider over the Lechtal Alps. Seen from this perspective, the beauty of the mountains is simply overwhelming. Holidays in Lech am Aberg don’t get more beautiful than this.

The sea of mountain peaks that is impressive enough when hiking can be viewed from a new perspective when on a paraglider flight.

The Arlberg region is a sheer Eldorado for paragliding and tandem flights. There is surely scarcely a more beautiful panorama to be seen anywhere.

If you fancy daring to do something really special during your holiday in our Alpine hideaway, then try a tandem paragliding flight. The range of offers available from the Flugschule Flight Connection Arlberg in St. Anton is broad. Even as a beginner, you are in the capable hands of a state qualified trainer. They offer a range from panorama flights through to ones guaranteeing a real adrenaline rush. Choose from the exciting variety on offer and marvel at the Arlberg region from a bird’s eye view.

Paraglider flights with the Arlberg Flight Connection

The following courses are offered:

  • Paragliding taster courses
  • Paragliding foundation course
  • Paraglider licence
  • Long flight entitlement
  • Paragliding tandem course
  • Safety training
  • Speed riding tandem flights
  • Arlberg tandem flight vouchers
  • Para Alpinism: Fly Arlberg Ski and Fly Arlberg Hike

Tandem flights in the Arlberg region

Is flying alone too scary? If so, then let a professional chauffeur you through the air on a tandem flight in Arlberg.
The way to enjoy unique views over the Lechtal Alps – up on a level with the mountain peaks and eagles.